How to get flint in Valheim

How to get flint in Valheim
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16th Mar 2023 15:55

Flint in Valheim is an extremely useful resource, and you need to know where to get it. Valheim is a game all about survival and crafting, and you need a steady stream of supplies to keep you going. Flint is a vital resource for crafting weapons and powerful arrows. Here is everything you need to know to get flint in Valheim.

Flint in Valheim: How to get it

Valheim flint: Finding flint in the shallows of a lake
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Finding flint in Valheim is pretty straightforward, you just need to know where to look. First, you need a body of water. If there isn't one nearby, you'll need to find one. They aren't difficult to spot, so if you aren't sure where your nearest watering hole is, just pick a direction and walk until you find one.

Once you find a body of water, stick to the edge of it. Along the shores and in the shallow parts of the water, you can find small white stones, usually scattered around. These are flint, so grab as many of them as you can and take them back with you.

If you really want to farm for flint, what you can do is set up camp nearby. With a nearby bed you can sleep to pass the time, respawn the flint, collect them all, and repeat. 

Flint in Valheim: What can you do with it

Valheim flint: A player wielding a flint axe
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Flint has multiple uses in Valheim, primarily you are going to want it for crafting weapons and arrows. With enough flint, you can craft a flint axe, flint knife, and a flint spear. You can also craft flint arrows for your bow, which can be very useful in boss fights.

Flint is also needed for some crafting upgrades. With flint and other resources you can craft a chopping block or a tanning rack. Both can be placed near your workbench to upgrade its capabilities.

That is it for our Valheim flint guide, for more on the game you can check out our Valheim console release date guide.

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