Is Universes Beyond Fallout coming to Magic The Gathering Arena?

Is Universes Beyond Fallout coming to Magic The Gathering Arena?
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Lloyd Coombes


20th Feb 2024 19:00

If you're a Magic The Gathering player these days, you likely fall into one of two camps. On one hand, you're enjoying Murders at Karlov Manor, and just wish Wizards would stop stirring the pot with crossover after crossover.

On the other, you may be having way too much fun pitting Time Lords against Space Marines or Frodo and co against Ian Malcolm to care.

Whatever tickles your fancy, there's a lot going on in the long-running card game right now, and the Fallout crossover set is about to drop, too. If you play digitally, you may be wondering if you can scoop up those Bobbleheads and Dogmeat for your collection, too.

Sadly, though, I've got bad news.

Fallout isn't coming to MTG Arena

Power Armor in Fallout Magic The Gathering set
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At the time of writing, just weeks before Universes Beyond: Fallout arrives, the set isn't coming to Magic The Gathering Arena.

That's because the cards are predominantly split into four Commander Decks, and Commander as a format isn't found in Arena (although I will keep writing Wizards of the Coast my letters).

There's every chance we'll get some Fallout-themed cosmetics in Arena, but these weren't mentioned at a recent preview session I attended.

Still, maybe if we're lucky we'll see some of the Fallout-themed reprints added to MTG Arena in the future.

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While the Lord of the Rings set was included in Arena, it also offered a true set that was a step beyond what we've seen before or after. For example, Warhammer 40K and Doctor Who never made it to Arena, and we're not yet sure if Assassin's Creed will, either.

As for what's coming up, we know that the 2025 Final Fantasy set is planned as a full set, so expect that to come to Arena complete with a Mastery Pass and more. As for Marvel, that one seems big enough to warrant a full set, too, but we'll find out soon.

Lloyd Coombes
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