Trek To Yomi Artifacts Explained

Trek To Yomi Artifacts Explained
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5th May 2022 14:00

The Trek to Yomi artifacts are the game's version of collectibles, allowing you to find trinkets, objects, and art across the game's seven chapters that illuminate a bit about Edo-period Japanese culture and life. Trek to Yomi is a side-scrolling action game that is heavily influenced by the Japanese Golden Age of Cinema, which gives it a unique look and feel in the video game landscape. If you've come across the game's collectibles and are wondering what the Trek to Yomi artifacts are all about, we've got you covered. 

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Trek To Yomi Artifacts: What Are Artifacts?

Trek To Yomi Artifacts
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In Trek to Yomi, you'll come across multiple collectibles in each level which are called artifacts. These help to illuminate part of the game's lore with their descriptions, and also serve as ways to highlight the culture and life of people living in rural Edo-period Japan. Each level has a varied amount of them, ranging from between six and twelve, which can be found off the beaten path and in side areas that you can find during exploration sections, though the odd few can be discovered on the main path. The artifacts are typically valuable trinkets, pieces of art, or just general objects specific to the time, and each one has a description explaining what it is from the view of Hiroki. 

They are easily identified by the white flash that they emit when you're near them, but the health, stamina, and ranged weapon upgrades have the same flash animation. Collecting each one in the game will reward you with an achievement, but as the game currently has no way to replay levels or keep your progress after finishing, you will need to get each one during a single run. 


That's all for our explainer of the Trek to Yomi artifacts, and now you know what purpose they serve in the game, along with a general idea of how to find them. 

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