How to eliminate a player with a flowerpot in THE FINALS

How to eliminate a player with a flowerpot in THE FINALS
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Coleman Hamstead


9th Jan 2024 17:22

One of the more bizarre achievements/trophies in THE FINALS is Fatal Florist, which requires you to eliminate a player with a flowerpot - a strange task in a game that's all about destruction and high-octane gunplay.

If you're feeling lost, this primer details how exactly to eliminate a player with a flowerpot and unlock this trophy in the free-to-play first-person shooter from Embark Studios.

Where to find a flowerpot in THE FINALS

Holding a flowerpot in THE FINALS
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The achievement doesn't clarify this, but you can't unlock Fatal Florist with just any flowerpot. Only a select few flowerpots in THE FINALS are capable of eliminating opposing players.

The pots with bonsai and succulent plants don't work, and vases also don't count for this trophy. Instead, you need to look for medium-sized, brown-coloured flowerpots, which you can only find on the following maps: Monaco, Skyway Stadium, and Seoul.

How to eliminate a player with a flowerpot

Eliminating an opponent with a flowerpot in THE FINALS
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To eliminate a player with a flowerpot, you have to throw it and hit them with it directly! To throw objects in THE FINALS, approach an eligible item in the environment and interact with it. By default, mouse-and-keyboard players pick up objects with F, those using an Xbox controller can grab stuff with X, and if you're using a PlayStation controller, press Square.

Regardless of your Build, you can pick up and toss flowerpots, but this achievement might be easier with the Heavy Build because you'll have more HP. Once you get your hands on a flowerpot, try to navigate to an area with lots of fighting. 

To kill an enemy with a flowerpot, you'll need to hit them with it, which isn't always easy if they're focused on you and unloading gunfire in your face. Furthermore, flowerpots only inflict 50 damage, so they won't one-shot enemies with full HP.

Wait for your opportunity, then ambush a distracted foe with your flowerpot. Depending on what you're using to play THE FINALS, press Left-Click, R2, or RT to fling the flowerpot forward at your target. 

It might take a few attempts, but if you can smash a suitable flowerpot on a weakened opponent, it'll eliminate them on the spot and you'll be awarded the elusive Fatal Florist achievement/trophy.

Unlocking weird achievements like Fatal Florist is a lot easier with the help of friends. Learn how to add and invite friends here or check out our THE FINALS homepage for more guides like this one!

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