Summoners War Chronicles Monsters tier list: All selective summons ranked (2023)

Summoners War Chronicles Monsters tier list: All selective summons ranked (2023)
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25th Aug 2023 15:37

Our Summoners War Chronicles tier list has everything you need to know about which monsters are the best (and those you may want to avoid), so you know which selective summons to make use of when playing.

Summoners War Chronicles is an action role-playing game for mobile, full of monsters to both fight and team up with in combat. The game has gacha mechanics that let you roll for selective summons to call in during fights, but you'll want to know the best of these monsters when playing.

So, check out our Summoners War Chronicles monsters tier list below and learn the best selective summons you'll want to take into your next game.

Summoners War Chronicles Monsters tier list (August 2023)

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Check out our Summoners War Chronicles Monsters tier list below to see all of the selective summons and monsters ranked:

Tier Characters
S Beast Monk, Valkyrja, Ifrit, Jack-o'-lantern, Pioneer, Archangel, Epikion Priest, Undine, Magic Knight, Sky Dancer, Lich, Chimera, Harpy (Dark, Water), Sylph (Fire, Light), Vampire, Mermaid, Polar Queen, Panda Warrior (Fire), Pirate Captain, Occult Girl, Joker
A Griffon, Inferno, Raven, Monkey King, High Elemental, Kobold Bomber, Mystic Witch, Cow Girl (Dark, Fire), Martial Cat, Imp Champion, Desert Queen, Amazon, Harg, Battle Mammoth
B Imp, Inugami, Harpu, Hellhound, Pixie (Dark, Fire, Water), Warbear, Vagabond, Penguin Knight, Garuda, Fairy, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Salamander, Howl, Grim Reaper, Living Armor, Serpent
C Charger Shark, Mummy, Yeti, Elemental, Golem, Slime, Mimick, Skull Soldier, Horned Frog, Ghosty, Monster Flower, Mischievous Bat, Maned Boar, Gore, Sandman
D Forest Keeper, Low Elemental, Mushroom, Battle Scorpion, Surprise Box, Lizardman

Of course, you can make any character work with the right play style in Summoners War Chronicles, but it will be far easier to succeed with those found in the higher tiers in the above table - so we'd recommend running with monsters you have within the best tier possible.

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How to reroll characters in Summoners War Chronicles

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If you're not quite happy with the characters that you received in Summoners War Chronicles, you can thankfully reroll them to get a monster higher by following this list of short step once you're in-game:

  • Head to the settings menu
  • Find the 'Delete Account' button under the account settings tab
  • Type 'Delete Now' into the text box and press OK
  • Start the game with a guest account
  • Create your character and play the game up until 1-6
  • Complete the tutorial summon and claim your rewards
  • Use all of the summons you have earned to reroll the characters

This shouldn't take longer than about 15-20 minutes, giving you a great chance of getting some of the top characters in the game. This is ideal if you're not happy with your original options, and can be done as many times as you want until you achieve your ideal party.

Once you receive a set of summons that you're happy with, make sure to bind your associated account to that character to confirm your choice and you will be good to start your journey properly.

So, that wraps up this Summoners War Chronicles Monsters tier list, giving you a ranked list of the selective summons, so you know the best monsters in the game.

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