How to get steel in The Survival Game

How to get steel in The Survival Game
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7th Mar 2023 15:39

Finding out how to get steel in The Survival Game is really important if you're wanting to craft all of the best armour and items. The Survival Game is a survival title set in Medieval times where you have to fend off danger from people and the world alike.

But how do you get steel in The Survival Game? To find out the answer for the Roblox game, check out the rest of this guide below.

How to get steel in The Survival Game

How to get steel in The Survival Game
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In plain terms, the way to get steel in The Survival Game is to combined five coal and 10 iron ores, and that should give you a single steel ingot. The tricky part is actually getting your hands on the materials needed to actually make the steel ingot in the first place.

How to get coal in The Survival Game

In order to get coal in The Survival Game, you must find the various coal nodes dotted around the map. Each node should give you at least three pieces of coal, so you'll need to mine one to two nodes in order to craft one steel ingot.

The distinguishing visual factor of coal ore is that it is a dark grey rock covered in black spots. They can be found everywhere in the map, but are particularly abundant in giant caves and the Desert.

How to get iron in The Survival Game

The story is quite different for iron ore, however, as it is one of the hardest nodes to find in the game. It can be distinguished visually by the light grey spots on a dark grey rock. You will want to head to the giant cave in the Desert or the cave by the two giant Spartan statues in order to find it.

Your best course of action is to mine as much as you can in one session to build up your stocks, as one steel ingot isn't really going to be enough to do or craft much in The Survival Game.

So, that's how to get steel in The Survival Game, giving you all of the spots to get the materials to craft it too. Make sure to check out this guide for some Soul Eater Resonance codes to get your hands on lots of free gifts and rewards.

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