All Star Wars Outlaws planets confirmed so far

All Star Wars Outlaws planets confirmed so far
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  • There are five confirmed planets so far

Star Wars Outlaws will let you explore a number of handcrafted systems and planets on your bounty hunter adventures.

The game takes place between episodes five and six and puts you in the boots of Kay Vess, an outlaw looking to attempt one of the biggest heists in galactic history. 

Before you can kick off this job though, you'll need to get the necessary skills and find the right people to help you. This will involve plenty of planet-hopping, so let's see what places we'll get to explore when playing.

All confirmed planets

There are five planets confirmed for Outlaws so far: Tatooine, Cantonica, Kijimi, Akiva, and Toshara.


Tatooine in Star Wars Outlaws
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The Star Wars planet everyone knows -  because for some reason every piece of media decides we need to go back there - Tattoine is one of the main planets in Outlaws.

We see the player visit here during the Ubisoft Forward gameplay showcase, as they explore the iconic cantina and then venture out of the city to locate some information.

As the "hive of scum and villainy" it makes perfect sense to appear in Outlaws, and we even know Jabba the Hutt is set to make a big appearance during the game's story.


Cantonica is home to the casino city of Canto Bight, which appeared in The Last Jedi. Located in the Corporate Sector of Outer Rim space, it's home to many of the rich and powerful, making it a great place to visit for any budding thief.

I imagine there'll be plenty of shadowy contacts to meet and clandestine operations to perform across Cantonica, and it could even be the location of the massive heist your character is looking to pull off.


Kijimi is another planet that appears in the movies, and is home to Zorri Bliss and Babu Frik in The Rise of Skywalker. We'll be seeing it at a much earlier point in the timeline where the Empire still maintains control, but it's still another hotspot for the galaxies' criminals to flock too.

Outside of the crowded streets of the main city, it's an icy, mountainous world with high peaks and cold valleys - so I'd expect lots of dangerous outlaws to be hiding in its dark corners.


Akiva in Star Wars Outlaws
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Each planet has its own unique aesthetic to set them all apart, and Akiva is the dense, jungle world players will get to dash through on their speeder bike. 

It's one of the planets we've seen the least of so far, but we know there is a cantina called the Alkazar that's built around a massive tree.

Historically, it was used as a droid factory during the Clone Wars, so there may be a lot of unique enemies and locations you won't find on the other worlds you explore.


Toshara is a place unique to Outlaws, and is actually a moon rather than a planet. Don't let this classification fool you into thinking it will be a barren rock though, as it's actually a wide-ranging savannah with a huge capital city and plenty of smaller settlements across its plains.

It has more of a homely feel that the rest lack, meaning it could be the place we begin our Outlaws adventure, or the home planet of Kay Vess.

Will there be other locations?

Achra Station in Star Wars Outlaws
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We can't say for certain if there will be additional planets to explore, but we do know there are other locations for you to explore, such as Achra Station in the Akiva System.

Each planet has its own system that you can fly around in, allowing you to land on and explore stations and ships. 

These will of course be much smaller than the more open planets, but they're still home to NPCs, merchants, quests, and other activities for the player. 

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