When does Star Wars Outlaws take place? Is it canon & timeline explained'

When does Star Wars Outlaws take place? Is it canon & timeline explained'
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23rd Jun 2023 17:02

If you're wondering when Star Wars Outlaws takes place in the timeline of the galaxy far, far away, we have you covered. One of the first open worlds in a galaxy far, far, away, Star Wars Outlaws, is exciting fans of the Force. We'll be playing as a Han Solo-like scoundrel Kay Vess as she makes deals and steals in the Outer Rim. However, it is unclear exactly when this game takes place from watching the trailers. Here's the exact Star Wars Outlaws timeline placement, as confirmed by the official YouTube channel.

When does Star Wars Outlaws take place in the timeline?

When does Star Wars Outlaws take place
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According to the official Star Wars YouTube channel, the game takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In Star Wars Outlaws, we'll see an epic open world set in the underworld of this beloved universe. The cool thing is that it may be tied to the Star Wars movies we know and love.

Like Cal Kestis in Jedi Survivor, Star Wars Outlaws' Kay Vess will be canon. Everything released by Disney and its partners in the Star Wars universe has been deemed that way. Perhaps we'll even see some familiar faces from the original trilogy will appear like Jabba the Hutt. There's even a possible TV series tie-in which fans of Cal Kestis have asked for. Unfortunately, you can't check out Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Game Pass, at the time of writing.

Where is Star Wars Outlaws located?

Star Wars Outlaws location
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Screenshot via Star Wars' YouTube Channel

We also have an idea of what to expect in terms of locations for Star Wars Outlaws. The official description of the Star Wars Outlaws trailer claims we will be able to "explore distinct planets across the galaxy, both iconic and new." A Star Wars website article says "Kay will race across the humid jungles of Akiva and the windswept savannah of Toshara on her speeder, then jump into the pilot seat of her ship, the Trailblazer, to travel to other parts of the galaxy." 

Akiva, in particular, has been featured in the Star Wars Aftermath book series by Chuck Wendig.

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