Space Prison release window, gameplay, trailers & more

Space Prison release window, gameplay, trailers & more
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Harry Boulton


4th Apr 2023 18:26

If you're wanting to find out everything that we currently know about Space Prison, then check out this guide for the release window, gameplay, trailers, and more that will have you set. Space Prison is the debut game from developer Wooden Alien, presenting players with exciting tactical action.

So, for all of the Space Prison release window and gameplay information, look no further than the rest of this guide below.

Space Prison release window

Space Prison release window
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There is unfortunately no specified Space Prison release date or release window as of yet, but hopefully we will be able to get our hands on the game soon enough. The developers will hopefully be able to issue an update regarding the release window in the near future though, so we will update you whenever any new information drops.

In the meantime though, continue reading to find out what you'll be doing when playing Space Prison, and all of the trailers that have been released so far.

Space Prison gameplay details

Space Prison gameplay details
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Space Prison is a grid-based tactical game with turn-based combat, where you will also have the opportunity to delve into cell-building mechanics and make connections inside the prison too.

From a combat perspective, you will be able to fight various hideous monsters and creatures across a grid. You will need to ensure that your actions are chosen wisely, as a few wrong moves could spell the end for you in the depths of this intergalactic confinement.

You will be able to pick up various other party members from other inmates to creatures of your own, but even the toughest party will struggle with the horrors inside this particular penitentiary.

From what it seems, you will navigate the prison through a sprawling spider web-like map, so choosing the optimal route is likely as vital as surviving each combat encounter. Furthermore, you will be able to make connections and build relationships in the empty realms of space through a social system, where not everyone has the same attitudes and outlooks as you.

Space Prison trailers

There is only one Space Prison trailer released so far, but it covers a lot of what you'll want to see from the game. Watching it will give you an idea of the isolating setting, while also presenting the exciting turn-based tactical combat that you will quickly get to grips with if you want to escape.

We will make sure to keep you in the loop when any new trailers drop in the lead-up to the game's release though, so make sure to check back for more news and updates.

Space Prison platforms

Space Prison platforms
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Thankfully Space Prison is coming to a number of platforms, so you should hopefully have a means of playing the intergalactic game once it eventually releases. Here are all of the Space Prison platforms that will be available at launch:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC (via Steam)

While the Nintendo Switch is missing out - and there is also no news about a release for previous-gen consoles, this should hopefully still allow you to pick up and play Wooden Alien's tactical adventure.

So, that's everything you need to know about Space Prison, letting you in on all of the release window information, gameplay, trailers, and platforms. If you're looking for more details about Space Prison though, stay tuned to GGRecon as we'll have more updates when they arrive.

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