Smash Bros Sora Release Time: What Time Does Sora Come Out?

Smash Bros Sora Release Time: What Time Does Sora Come Out?
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Aaron Bayne


18th Oct 2021 17:10

The Smash Bros Sora release time is nearly here and going off previous Super Smash Bros character releases, we can certainly make an educated guess as to the exact time Sora will come to Smash.

Sora in Smash Bros is a character fans have been clamouring for since the rumours first started a few years ago. Finally, the fan-favourite Kingdom Hearts character is making his way into Super Smash Bros Ultimate in what may be the fighting game’s last ever update. Owners of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which brings the Update 13.0, will unlock Sora when he releases. Here’s when you can play Sora in Smash Bros.

Smash Bros Sora: When Is The Sora Release Time? 

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The Fighters Pass Vol. 2 is scheduled for release on October 18th, 2021, introducing Sora to Smash Bros in North and South America. However, if you are in the UK or Europe, Sora will arrive the next day on the 19th. 

Previous Fighters Passes have launched at 9pm ET/ 2am BST, so any UK Smash fans out there might have a late night ahead of them. If you do not own the Fighters Pass you can still purchase Sora individually for £5.99, or $5.99 US. 

Sora acts as the final addition to the Smash Bros roster of fighters. Sora has remained the most requested fighter in Smash Bros since the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. Nintendo really kept them waiting, huh? 

Smash Bros Sora: What Kind Of Fighter Will He Be? 

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A breakdown video on Sora and his move set gave us a closer look at the fighter immediately after his announcement. Sora in Smash Bros will be an airborne fighter and will come equipped with his signature keyblade, as expected. His normal moves are based on the move sets from the Kingdom Heart games. As a lightweight fighter, Sora will be quite floaty, and has an excellent recovery distance, meaning you can stray further out from the stand. This makes Sora a brilliant choice to outmanoeuvre other characters. 

However, Sora’s weight is also his downfall. Sora will be lighter than Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Young Link, making him vulnerable to launching attacks. 

Smash Bros Sora: What Else Comes With Update 13.0? 

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Obviously Sora in Smash Bros is the big selling point of the latest update, however, it isn’t all that is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Sora will also bring his own stage which is a reserved background of the Hollow Bastion. Final Fantasy fans will also be able to fight to some of their favourite tracks from the game series, including “Night of Fate” and “Shrouding Dark Cloud”. 

To round out the new content, Update 13.0 will introduce three new Mii Fighters costumes. Two of these will be from Splatoon with the last being Doom Slayer. 

As the potential final update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, players can also expect a range of buffs and nerfs to various fighters. Although we've yet to get any confirmation on which characters will receive any changes, many are expecting the likes of Pikachu and Minecraft Steve to receive nerfs.