Kingdom Hearts' Sora Confirmed As Final Smash Bros. Character

Kingdom Hearts' Sora Confirmed As Final Smash Bros. Character

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Tarran Stockton


5th Oct 2021 20:31

The build up towards Nintendo’s reveal of the last Smash Bros. Ultimate character has been long and arduous, with enough characters teased for an entire separate roster of fighters. But we can finally reveal that the newest fighter is none other than Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

During a live-stream from Nintendo, a dramatic build-up led to Mario himself summoning Sora to join Smash Bros, and in typical fashion - it was brilliant. 

Who Else Did We Expect The Final Smash Bros. Character To Be?

Speculation about who would be coming in to round out the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster has been rife for months. There were some serious heavyweights, from a litany of series coming in as strong contenders - but outside of the usual Nintendo suspects, who else did we expect could conceivably join gaming's greatest fighting roster?

A fan favourite that was teased by the game's director, Masahiro Sakurai, was none other than the scourge of Hell himself - the protagonist of the granddaddy of them all - Doomguy. Though the Doomguy would certainly stick out like a sore thumb amongst all the cartoonish Nintendo characters, he has proven himself to be a mean fighter and would certainly look forward to ripping and tearing somewhere new for once. Fans buying into the hype of the Smash reveal have also spent time crafting theories about other characters that could make the cut. Although you can play him as a Mii character, as revealed in the live stream earlier today (October 5). 

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With Halo’s Master Chief and Crash Bandicoot coming in high on people’s lists. As icons of the Xbox and PlayStation respectively, both these fighters would make sense from a collaborative perspective and make for ambitious crossovers 20 years in the making.

When Can You Play As Sora In Smash Bros?

We’re not sure of the exact release date for the final Smash fighter currently, but it’s confirmed to be released before December 31.


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