How To Get Setanta In Persona 5 Royal

How To Get Setanta In Persona 5 Royal
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29th Nov 2022 15:52

In order to complete Justine & Caroline's Strength Confidant, you have to present them certain Persona - most, if not all of them, made through fusions in the Velvet Room. One of those is Setanta of the Emperor Arcana, who isn't actually obtainable in Persona 5 Royal's various dungeons and can only be obtained via fusion. Here is everything you need to get Setenta in Persona 5 Royal

How To Get Setanta In Persona 5 Royal 

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There are numerous fusion recipes in which you can achieve Setanta. In fact, you can numerous fusion recipes at fan-made Persona 5 Royal fusion calculators like this one with various combinations for Setanta. However, if you're looking to obtain to achieve the fifth rank of the Justine & Caroline (Strength) Confidant, your Setanta will also need to know the move, Rakukaja. The best way to achieve this is by fusing the Personas, Berith and Hua Po to get Suzaku. Then, fuse the resulting Suzaku with Phoenix to achieve Setanta with Rakukaja is yours! 

That's everything you need to know on how to get Setanta in Persona 5 Royal! If you've just started playing, here is how long it takes to beat the game, along with the full list of Persona 5 Royal Crossword answers to help further max out your Knowledge stat. If you're trying to max out other social relationships in Persona 5 Royal, take a look at the Shinya Oda Confidant guide, Makoto Niijima Confidant guide, Yuuki Mishimia Confidant guide, or Sojiro Sakura Confidant guide

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