How Long Is Persona 5 Royal?

How Long Is Persona 5 Royal?
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18th Oct 2022 15:18

After over five years of being out on PS4, Persona 5 is finally on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS5 as of Friday, October 21, 2022 in the form of its enhanced version, Persona 5 Royal. Being one of the most beloved and in-depth JRPGs of the last generation, many new players will be discovering the vast amount of hours completing this Persona game can take, depending on whether you're aiming to achieve the best ending or get all of the trophies/achievements. So, let's can into answering the question, "how long is Persona 5 Royal?".

How Long is Persona 5 Royal?

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Persona 5 Royal can take a varied number of hours to beat depending on what kind of ending you want to achieve. That's because along with the massive main story, you'll also have a plethora of fantastic optional side content to enjoy; building relationships with other characters, mini-games, working part-time jobs, exploring Mementos, and more; all of which boost your social links, stats, and your party's level - ultimately affecting the game's ending. 


With all of this in mind, the original Persona 5 would take at least 100 hours to beat - that only being if you breezed through the story without any time dedicated to more than the minimum aforementioned side content. However, aiming to explore the various side content could take you anywhere from 120 to 170 hours for completionists - the latter being partly because one of the original's trophies, Beyond Rehabilitation, required you to beat secret bosses Caroline and Justine in a New Game Plus playthrough. 

Although the Beyond Rehabilitation trophy had been removed for Persona 5 Royal, this enhanced edition of the original Persona 5 has over 30 hours of extra content. The main story can still be breezed through at a minimum of 110 hours, but completionists aiming to get the best ending and/or all of the trophies/ achievements will be looking at a playthrough ranging from 130 to 200 hours altogether. 

That's everything on our guide answering "how long is Persona 5 Royal?". If you're checking up on the time needed to finish other hit games in your backlog, check out how long it takes to beat The Last of Us Part 2 or how long it takes to finish God of War (2018).

Yet to pick up the game for yourself? You can buy Persona 5 Royal right now for $59.99/£54.99.

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