Persona 5 Royal Justine & Caroline (Strength) Confidant Guide

Persona 5 Royal Justine & Caroline (Strength) Confidant Guide
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27th Oct 2022 18:04

Both Persona 5 and the definitive Persona 5 Royal have been praised throughout the years as one of the best JRPGs of all time, for their in-depth wealth of features and mechanics. One that was already part of the Persona franchise, but refined for 5, is its Social Link system - altered for Persona 5 Royal to be named the Confidant system. 

Along with added bonuses in or outside of battle depending on which Confidant you're dealing with, levelling up the rank of these relationships treat you to each person's personal side story - with some as emotionally captivating as Persona 5 Royal's main story itself.

Each Confidant has ten levels, of which most are levelled up by earning points via correct dialogue choices outside of their story or spending time with them via a side activity. However, there are a handful of Confidants that are exceptions; Morgana (Magician), Prison Master Igor (Fool), Prosecutor Sae Niijima (Judgement), and Justine & Caroline (Strength); which are ranked up through other means. So you fully know what to expect whilst making sure you've levelled up all your social relationships, this Persona 5 Royal confidant guide for Justine & Caroline (Strength) will go through the confidant's benefits, along with how they rank up.

Persona 5 Royal Justine & Caroline (Strength) Confidant Guide

persona 5 royal confidant guide justine caroline strength
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Below, are the abilities that come with each rank and the benefits they bring.

Rank Ability Benefit
1 Group Guillotine Unlocks the ability to fuse three Personas at once via a special setting.
3 Lockdown Personas in Lockdown will now gain resistance skills.
5 Special Treatment Lets the player pay extra to fuse Personas higher than Joker's level.
8 Guillotine Booster Unlocks the ability to fuse four or more Personas at once via a special setting.
MAX VIP Treatment Grants a steep discount for Special Measures.

Justine & Caroline's Confidant is progressed by performing various fusions in the Velvet Room. Here are the fusion requirements during each part of the Confidant's story to get to the next rank. 

Rank Fusion Required
1 Jack Frost with Mabufu (Kelpie + Succubus or Silkie and Berith)
2 Ame-no-Uzume with Frei (Suzaku + Berith)
3 Flauros with Tarukaja (Berith + Orobas + Eligor)
4 Phoenix with Counter (Yakisini + Genbu)
5 Setanta with Rakukaja (Berith + Hua Po, then Suzaku + Phoenix)
6 Neko Shogun with Dekaja (Anzu + Kodama + Sudama) (Anzu must be at level 28 first to learn Dekaja)
7 Lacheisis with Tetraja (Principality + Sandman, then Thoth + Anzu)
8 Hecatoncheires with Masukunda (Lilim + Anzu)
9 Bugs with Samarecarm (Hariti + Pixie + Pisaca) (Hariti learns Samarecarm at level 41)
10 Seth with High Counter (Dakini + Ame-no-Uzume, then Anubis + Horus + Isis + Thoth) (Dakini learns Counter at level 52)

That's a wrap on the Persona 5 Royal Confidant guide for Justine & Caroline (Strength)! To be sure you boost your Knowledge stat as quickly as possible, you should also check out the full list of Persona 5 Royal classroom answers and Crossword Puzzle answers

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