Rogue Company characters tier list

Rogue Company characters tier list
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Rogue Company is a third-person multiplayer shooter made by Hi-Rez Studios which plays in a 4v4 Search and Destroy format, offering exciting engagements and tactical gameplay.

There are a total of fourteen characters to play with, named ‘Rogues’. Each Rogue has a different loadout, including weapons, grenades and perks which can be bought in-game by earning cash each round. They also have their own individual abilities, a physical ability such as an explosive or a self-revive, and a passive ability such as being undetectable to UAVs.

Each Rogue is effective in different ways, but here’s our Rogues tier list to help you understand who you should be using.

Rogues – S tier

The best rogues to use in Rogue Company all have great weapons and abilities, able to deal high damage in any situation.


Rogue Company character Lancer
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We start off with Lancer. She’s one of the more offensive characters, and her abilities and weapon complement each other perfectly. She wields a submachine gun which deals insane damage and has little recoil, perfect for close-quarters combat.

Her ability causes her to mute her footsteps and increase her speed, which is perfect for sneaking up on opponents with ease, and makes for a great flanking Rogue; Lancer is the best Rogue for literally going rogue.

Combining her ability and powerful SMG with smoke grenades which can block off lines of sight, allowing her to weave around the map at ease puts Lancer in the top category in the Rogue Tier List. Her passive ability of being able to reload whilst rolling, unlike anyone else, is incredibly useful, cementing her place at the top of the best Rogues to use.


Saint is an important cog in many teams and comes to the launch of a ranked playlist and esports scene; he will be crucial to most sides. He is best used on larger maps such as High Castle and Panama Canal, although he can still be just as effective on smaller ones too. 

He is the only Rogue to carry a scoped assault rifle, and this makes him a solid choice for a Rogue. He is the best Rogue Company character to hold down angles and eliminate players from a distance. For those who prefer reserved gameplay and can control aim over long distances, Saint is your man.

What really makes him stand out though is his ability. Saint has the power to revive players with a drone, which makes him invaluable. It offers players a free shot at an opponent if they are behind cover, as Saint can quickly pick them up. However, there is a sly counter that not many people know about, as his drone can be destroyed cancelling the revive.


Dallas is a Rogue bounty hunter, which becomes useful against the better players in the game. Dallas’ ability to locate the highest-scoring player on the enemy team for a period of time each round, is incredibly powerful.

This ability shuts down any players who are causing havoc on the flank or someone who can hold down a bomb site on their own. The reveal leaves easy pickings for the rest of the team as you can isolate their better players and eliminate their teammates, leaving them outnumbered.

As the game develops, Dallas’ ability will be identified as crucial for each team, especially in the latter half of the games. He also has a steady weapon alongside him, easing through gunfights, making him one of the best Rogues to use in Rogue Company.

Rogues – A tier

Adequate Rogues to use who are good all-rounders but don't excel in a specified area.


Rogue Company character Ronin
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Ronin is a great go-to character for anybody first starting on Rogue Company. Her loadout is perfect for someone who is just starting, allowing a lot of variation with a choice of an assault rifle or submachine gun as her primary weapon.

Her ability to plant an explosive throwing knife on the map is great for closing off lanes of attack to focus elsewhere and can also down someone upon impact. Her passive ability keeps Ronin off the radar, meaning she can be effective to players who either want to flank or post up and hold angles. Ronin is a great all-round Rogue, and it’s clear to see why she’s a popular choice as one of the best Rogue characters in Rogue Company.


Dima is an all-around damage master, with a solid assault rifle or powerful submachine gun to choose from. His power, however, lies in his ability. His cluster grenade can have devastating effects, great for cleaning players out of a specific area.

There isn’t much wrong with Dima, and he is unfortunate to miss out on the S-Tier ranking. He doesn’t necessarily excel in a specific aspect of gameplay, which is why he isn’t ranked higher, but rather a solid all-around choice capable of destruction.


Talon has one of the best SMGs in Rogue Company, the same as Lancer. His abilities differ from the stealthy flankers though, utilising knowledge rather than aggression. He is able to release a radar which acts as a UAV around a certain area of the map.

When used correctly, it can be effective in locating players' routes and which bomb site they are heading towards. By locating his radar at bombsite A, you can flood bombsite B with players, ready to move over if a ping is alerted on the UAV. His long-range combat isn’t brilliant, but as an SMG player, Talon is a great choice as one of the best Rogue characters, earning himself a spot in Tier A of our Rogues Tier List.


Phantom was the original marksman on the block before the introduction of The Fixer. Both rogues wield a sniper, but Phantom takes the pole position on the Tier List. Her sniper is slightly slower than The Fixer's but has more ammo in the chamber and can be upgraded to have an infinite bullet falloff, meaning she is better at longer ranges.

Her ability also allows a margin for error for phantom as she can disappear into a cloud of smoke if caught in the open. By popping the cloud, she can retreat and block off sight, whilst it highlights any players within it for the whole team. Phantom is often a great pick on larger maps, but less effective on tighter playing fields.

Rogues – B tier

Rogues are effective in many circumstances but have noticeable flaws.


Scorch has become increasingly popular to use, with her ability to set enemies alight. When her ability is popped, her firearms and melee can set a player on fire, in which she is immune to through her passive. The fire deals quick ticks of damage over time and is perfect for eliminating players that peak lanes and try to dip away with their lives.

She’s often a good counter to Lancer too. Her weapons are also favourable, with a submachine gun or assault rifle to choose from, making her great up close or at range depending on the weapon selected.

Her ability, whilst visually great, is actually rather ineffective though, which results in her being so low on the Rogue Tier list. Adding fire damage to her weapons makes for a bit of a better punch, but it does require her being up close and personal, otherwise, opponents will roll behind cover.

The Fixer

The Fixer in Rogue Company
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New to the game is The Fixer, the second sniper to be introduced. He wields a .50 Cal sniper that has just two bullets in its chamber. The TYR deals the same base damage as Phantom's gun, but has a bullet drop off meaning at range it is likely to cause less damage.

He lacks any forgiving should he peak and miss, with no smoke grenade or equipment to help remove himself from a sticky situation. His ability is rather indifferent and fun though, as he pops on his heat signature glasses and can thermally detect players. Although, it comes more for show than effectiveness. If you ditch the sniper though, you may find more joy in his semi-automatic rifle.


Chaac is one of the easier characters to understand, with a very basic loadout. His passive ability is where he excels and can be the best Rogue Company character for beginners.

It allows Chaac to self-revive if an opponent downs him and doesn’t thirst the kill. This offers a second chance to players using Chaac, a great way to begin the game and learn the ropes.


Vy can be a nuisance to enemy players and has received buffs to transcend her from the C-Tier, although the buffs weren't enough to be able for her to hold a candle to destructive players like Dima. Her ability creates a cloud of poison that deals damage and works in tandem with her passive which allows her to have an additional 25 HP leeched from the health of those caught in her poison.

However, the poison is bright green and glaringly obvious, causing no stun to players as they remove themselves from the cloud. It can be very ineffective if not used on multiple players, making her a very ordinary Rogue.


Dhalia could easily be higher up the chain of best Rogue Company characters if she didn't require so much skill to use. Her abilities require more skill than the usual rogues and may be used more effectively in higher ranks. But for newcomers, we recommend staying clear of Dhalia until you have learnt every rogue.

Her passive 'Buddy System' means that she links to an ally and will inherit their passive ability. This is effective when you have the likes of Lancer or Chaac on your side, but most passives go hand in hand with ultimate abilities, which isn't the case for Dhalia. Her ultimate is still effective though, as it will revive the linked player if they are downed within 30m of her.

The only reason she isn't higher is that players controlling Dhalia will need to understand every other teammate's passives to be effective.

Rogues – C tier

Rogues have more negatives than positives, although they can still be effective when mastered.


Rogue Company Character Anvil
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Unfortunately, Anvil's brute force puts him in the bottom tier of our Rogue Tier List. His ability is a barricade, which can come in handy when defending bomb sites, but he struggles with being so visible, and in any close vicinities he’ll likely be outgunned unless you’re extremely accurate. He has the biggest hitbox of all Rogues, and therefore he’s often an easy target. Anvil’s passive makes him immune to stuns, which are seldom used and therefore aren’t too useful.

The upside of Anvil is his deadly shotgun which can one-tap people when accurate. If you’re looking to hold down just one street, posting up with a barricade and a shotgun can be an effective technique, but he doesn’t come in as one of the best Rogue characters.


It's disappointing that Trench's abilities are pretty much useless as he holds the best non-scoped AR in the game. It's merely his abilities and equipment that let him down, meaning he earns the unfortunate accolade of being at the bottom of the Rogue Tier List.

His passive is to be able to equip another gadget, but his gadgets are a trophy system or tear gas, both of which seldom come in use. His ultimate is also the worst of the pick, as it simply casts barbed wire on the floor in an attempt to slow players down. This is often destroyed in seconds of simply walking around. A mix-up to his equipment may see him as a better Rogue Company character.


Glitch has a similar ability to Dallas and Ronin, which makes him somewhat less popular and useful as he could be. His ability allows him to detect the nearest person to him, making them visible to the whole team. This is an effective way of making sure that he doesn’t get snuck upon, although it has to be manually activated.

His passive allows him to detect equipment through walls, which is handy if you’re playing in a team. If it wasn’t for Dallas and Ronin having better-scanning abilities, Glitch may be higher on our list, but his ability doesn’t match theirs, placing him further down the Rogues Tier List.

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