Roblox Xbox One controls

Roblox Xbox One controls
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Tarran Stockton


6th Mar 2023 10:13

You may want a primer on the Roblox Xbox One controls, focusing on both the default control scheme for most games and how you can remap certain controls to be more comfortable for you.

Roblox has become one of the biggest games in the world, offering a litany of different game modes developed by the community. While the control schemes will often change up between these games, you can still customise them yourself, which is a good habit to get into before playing a new mode. 

So, take a look at the full Roblox Xbox One controls, along with how to remap them. 

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Roblox Xbox One controls

Roblox Xbox One controls
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The Xbox One is a popular platform for Roblox, giving players a similar experience that PC users get, but on a console. With so many different game modes you can try for Roblox, the controls don't always stay the same, and when different rules or mechanics come into play, the controls are often altered by the devs. 

There's usually a reason for these changes, but there is a default control scheme that works fine across most Roblox games. 

Default Roblox Xbox One controls

  • A - Jump, confirm
  • B - Back (menu)
  • Y - Reset (menu)
  • X - Leave (menu)
  • Left Stick - Move character
  • Right Stick - Rotate camera
  • LB/RB - Equip unequip tools respectively
  • RT - Use equipped tool
  • Right Stick Press - Toggle first-person mode
  • Start - Open/close menu

How to change Xbox One controls?

While the control scheme highlighted above will serve you perfectly well in most cases, if you want to also change the button mapping, you have the option. 

Open the Roblox Menu in game, then select 'Settings', and click RB to open the Help tab. From here, you can change what actions the different buttons are responsible for. 

That's all for our breakdown of how the default Roblox Xbox One controls, along with how to change them. 

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