Adopt Me! All Danger Egg pets & rarities

Adopt Me! All Danger Egg pets & rarities
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Jack Roberts

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19th Dec 2023 17:09

In the Roblox-based Adopt Me, you’ll encounter an assortment of different pets to take into your care and show some much-needed love to. However, some pets are rarer than others, and can only be obtained with the much sought-after Danger Eggs.

Here, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about Danger Egg pets in the game, including which pets you can obtain and their rarities.

NOTE: As of 2023, Danger Eggs are no longer available to be obtained in the game through any other means than by trading them.

What are Danger Egg Pets in Adopt Me?

Danger Eggs are rare items that will hatch new and exciting pets for you to raise in Adopt Me. They were previously able to be purchased for 750 Bucks, but are now only available via trade.

An Angler Fish, one of the Danger Egg pets in adopt me!
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Images via Uplift Games

Several varieties range from the Common Danger Egg Pets to the Legendary, including Ligers, Pufferfish, and even a Spinosaurus!

Here, we’ll be breaking down each animal you can get from the Danger Eggs and the rarity they have:




Common – 35%


Common – 35%


Common – 35%

Angler Fish

Uncommon – 25%

Borhyaena Gigantica

Uncommon – 25%


Rare – 20%

Poison Dart Frog

Rare – 20%


Ultra Rare – 16%


Ultra Rare – 16%


Legendary - 4%


Legendary - 4%

Now that you know everything about Danger Egg pets, be sure to check out our Roblox homepage for guides like the Blox Fruits spawn locations and the answers for Longest Answer Wins.

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