Riders Republic Controls: Should You Pick Racer Or Trickster?

Riders Republic Controls: Should You Pick Racer Or Trickster?
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Aaron Bayne


2nd Nov 2021 10:14

There are options to be made when it comes to the Riders Republic controls that make a real different to how you play in the game. Whether it be racing or pulling off tricks in Riders Republic the choice in controls is really down to personal preference. But what are the differences between racer and trickster? Here's everything you need to know about the Riders Republic controls, including racer, trickster and the steep controls. 

Riders Republic Controls: Racer Explained

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When you first boot up the game you'll be asked to make a choice between Riders Republic controls, with either the Racer controls or the Trickster controls. You are encouraged to pick the Riders Republic racer controls to start, and we'd recommend these too - they are a great way to come to grips with the game. 

The main selling point of the racer control scheme in Riders Republic is that it allows you to control the camera. This is a brilliant feature for those who will be frequenting themselves with the various races of the game, especially when it comes to the twisting and turning bike tracks. This control scheme is also the best to use when your are speeding through the game in the Riders Republic rocket bike and rocket skis

With control of the camera reserved to the right stick, this means that your tricks are designated to the control buttons on the right of your pad. The X (PS) or A (Xbox) button is your jump button, and paired with Triangle or Y, they are your up and down controls, used for front flips and backflips. The Square/X and Circle/B buttons are your for your left to right tricks for spinning. They can be combined in any order. 

Additionally, by holding L2/LT and pushing in any direction with the left stick, you will add some flare to your trick. This usually involves letting go of the handlebars, and is a great way to boost your points. 

Riders Republic Controls: Trickster Explained

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The other option in the Riders Republic controls are the trickster controls. These essentially function the same as the racer controls, except now the tricks are control through the right stick, and the camera automatically follows your ride.

This allows you to combo move sets easier as tricks are controls without having to move your fingers. The directional controls work the exact same as before, with up and down control front flips and backflips, and the sides controlling spinning tricks. The L2/LT additional trick boosts, remain the same as in the racer controls in Riders Republic. As small adjustments, switching to first person mode is now done so with the Square/X buttons, and pulling up on the right stick acts as your regular jump. 

Riders Republic Controls: Steep Explained

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The final selection in the Riders Republic controls is more of an easter egg than anything that should be used in the game. In the menus under controller options the Riders Republic Steep controls can be found. This allows fans of Ubisoft's previous sports outing Steep (2016) to revert back to that control scheme.

This scheme allows bumper and trigger buttons to be used to jump and the left stick works as the trick controls, similar to that in the Riders Republic trickster controls. Acceleration is controlled through the left stick with a jump activating a trick. 

This Riders Republic Steep controls however, don't allow for either the sprint feature through the left bumper, or the additional flare to tricks allows through the left trigger in other control schemes. 

Now that you know how to use the Riders Republic controls, you should check out our guide on the Riders Republic Shack Daddy challenges.


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