PUBG Mobile Launches New And Improved Royale Pass Month

PUBG Mobile Launches New And Improved Royale Pass Month

Written by 

Jack Marsh


14th Jul 2021 17:56

PUBG Mobile is quickly becoming one of the most played games in the world, having taken over the handheld esports space. With so much success, the developers have now introduced a brand new Royale Pass Month, and it looks pretty awesome.

To coincide with the new seasons, Krafton has launched the Royale Pass Month, which will by a month-long cycle where players can earn rewards and save up for the pass again the following month.

What Can Players Earn In The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month?

Starting on June 14, players will be able to enjoy the first array of rewards available. Named "Tek Era", the first month's pass can be unlocked for 360UC and will be filled to the brim with prizes.

On offer is the following:

  • An exclusive welcome gift for players accessing the new RPM for the first time 
  • Free in-game gifts for each new RPM rank achieved 
  • Free 60UC voucher to spend for the next season once players reach RPM rank 30 each month
  • Free Mythic Set and Legendary weapon awarded at max RPM rank 50 
  • Bonus RPM points awarded at the end of every monthly season 

When Will The Tek Era PUBG Royale Pass Month End?

The first era is set to end on August 12, where the Project T era will take over - although no details have been spared as to what will be on offer then.

The current pass will also reward players through the Challenge Point System, awarding bonuses for positive behaviour such as completing games (and not quitting) or avoiding friendly fire. Players can also be punished for losing games and quitting matches, bumping their progress back to the start of their subsequent tier. 

At the end of the current season (S19), special missions will be available to give players the chance to earn bonus points for the next season in advance.

The pass is now live, and available to be purchased in-game.


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