Pokemon Concierge: Release date speculation, trailers, plot & how to watch

Pokemon Concierge: Release date speculation, trailers, plot & how to watch
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2nd Mar 2023 17:23

During the Pokemon Day 2023 Pokemon Presents stream, Netflix announced a stop-motion animated series for the franchise in production: Pokemon Concierge. In partnership with dwarf studios and the Pokemon Company, we got a first look at the new Netflix series. Let's get into the Pokemon Concierge release date speculation, the plot, and how to watch it. 

Pokemon Concierge: Release date speculation, plot & how to watch

Release date speculation

Although we have no official Pokemon Concierge release date, the animated series is expected to come out sometime in 2023 since its announcement was in the first quarter. It's not often that The Pokemon Company makes announcements for media titles that end up being incredibly far off, with the delayed launch of Pokemon Sleep being one of few recent exceptions.

Pokemon Concierge trailers and plot

Not much is known about the Pokemon Concierge plot besides its brief premise of being set at a Pokemon Resort. Based around the protagonist concierge, Haru, the series is said to follow her interactions with the Pokemon and their owners who visit the resort as guests.

Although the above teaser trailer does feature a Psyduck, we're yet to know whether it belongs to Haru as a main character or is one of the guests briefly appearing in the series, if at all outside of the trailer.

How to watch Pokemon Concierge

pokemon concierge release date plot how to watch
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After its launch, you can watch Pokemon Concierge on any Netflix-compatible device as long as you have a Netflix subscription. Whilst Netflix subscription tiers and their price points have been broadening and going up lately, like introducing a lower-price option with ads, there are currently no content cut-offs for subscribers depending on how much they pay each month. 

That's all you need to know about the Pokemon Concierge release date speculation, what the Netflix show is about, and how to watch it.

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