Pokemon BDSP Giratina: Where To Find And How To Catch Giratina

Pokemon BDSP Giratina: Where To Find And How To Catch Giratina
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14th Dec 2021 15:01

Pokemon BDSP Giratina is a nice addition to the game, especially as the legendary beast made its first appearance in Pokemon Platinum, the unifying title that came after Diamond & Pearl. The big beast is a tough one, but it's not one you can't manage. But how exactly can you catch Giratina in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl? Here's our guide to getting a hold of Pokemon BDSP Giratina.

Pokemon BDSP Giratina Location

Pokemon BDSP Giratina Guide - Where To Find Giratina & How To Catch
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Giratina is relatively easy to find once you've completed each of the steps, but the difficulty is made up when it comes to catching them. Once you've toppled the Elite Four and Cynthia, you'll have to also complete the Sinnoh Pokedex with sightings of each of the 150 beasties under your belt.

Head back to Rowan once you've done this, and you'll get the National Dex. Go to Veilstone City and head south, onto Route 214. On your way, you'll notice there's a newly opened pathway to your right - you're going to want to take it, and you'll reach the Spring Path.

Carry on until you reach Sendoff Spring, and from here you'll have to climb the wall and go around the crater. Once done, you can descend into Turnback Cave, where Giratina will be waiting for you. Eep.

Pokemon BDSP Giratina: How To Catch It

Pokemon BDSP Giratina Guide - Where To Find Giratina & How To Catch
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Once you get to Giratina, you'll have to be ready. We'd suggest that before you leave for Sendoff Spring, stock up on all of the potions, revives, and Dusk Balls you can manage - you're going to need them. Save before you engage with Giratina, and you're good to go.

The legendary is weak to Dark, Fairy and Ice move, so keep this in mind whether you want to deal some serious damage, or you've got Giratina on the ropes and don't want to force it to faint.

Drag the Pokemon to as low a HP as you can, hit it with a status effect like paralysis or sleep, and just keep lobbing Dusk Balls. You'll need to be patient because it could take up to around 15 balls to catch them, but it'll get the job done.

That's all you need to know to catch Giratina - so get to Turnback Cave and bring them home. Once you've got Giratina, why not enter them in a Super Contest Show with our Pokemon BDSP Poffins guide?


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