How to craft a Trunk Door in Pacific Drive

How to craft a Trunk Door in Pacific Drive
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Joshua Boyles


1st Mar 2024 16:03

Your trusty station wagon is pretty beaten up when you first acquire it in Pacific Drive - it doesn’t even have a trunk door! Much of the following gameplay will see you maintaining your car as you drive it through the Olympic Exclusion Zone, replacing and repairing all the different panels that will inevitably break or fall off entirely.

However, while your car doesn’t initially come with a functioning trunk door, you can craft one early into the game. It’ll mean that you have to manually open and close it when you want to access your storage boxes and crafting bench, but you’ll be a tiny bit safer from whatever deadly horrors the exclusion zone wishes to throw at you.

Crafting a Trunk Door is more simple than you think

To craft a door for your trunk, all you need to do is craft a Crude Door panel at a crafting bench. While these door panels look like they only fit onto the side of the car, they can morph to fit the trunk of the car, too.

Crude Door crafting requirements in Pacific Drive
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To craft a Crude Door panel, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Scrap Metal x3
  • Plastic x4
  • Duct Tape x3
  • Glass Shards x2

You can gather most of these materials from harvesting basic items around the world, such as car panels from wreckages, or electronic items such as TVs and Radios.

Once you’ve crafted a Crude Door panel, either at the crafting bench in your trunk or back at Oppy’s Auto Shop, simply walk up to the trunk of your car and attach it using the interact button. You’ll now have a functioning trunk door that can open and close as you like.

Should you install a Trunk Door?

Installing a crude door to the trunk of the car in Pacific Drive
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While it’s possible to install a door on the trunk of your car, it’s not essential. If you want to, you can drive around the Exclusion Zone without a trunk door attached and you won’t be penalised for it. As far as I can tell from what I’ve played so far, adding a trunk door doesn’t provide any additional resistance to either electrocution, radiation, or other hazards.

In fact, you may choose to leave your car without a trunk door out of sheer convenience. Since you need to regularly access your storage boxes and the crafting bench, adding a door is another thing you’ll need to open and close when you want to get access to the boot.

However, it may transpire that a trunk door is useful as you progress through more of the game’s many zones. If that appears to be the case, I’ll be sure to update this guide.

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That’s everything you need to know about installing a trunk door to your car in Pacific Drive. For more helpful Pacific Drive guides, be sure to keep reading GGRecon. We’ve also covered how to get all of the game’s trophies and achievements, how to use the Transmuter, how to save the game, what the transfer trunk is for, and how to get ThermoSap.

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