Pacific Drive release date, trailers, gameplay & platforms

Pacific Drive release date, trailers, gameplay & platforms
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12th Jan 2024 11:11


Pacific Drive is one of the more interesting survival games set to come in 2024, as it takes place in a sci-fi Pacific Northwest setting with primarily car-based gameplay. 

After being unveiled back in 2022, we're finally around the corner from its launch, so you may want to learn all about the game and what to expect. Below, you can learn more about Pacific Drive, including the release date, gameplay details, and the available platforms.

What is the Pacific Drive release date?

Pacific Drive is confirmed to be released on February 22, 2024, meaning players don't have much longer to wait.

Pacific Drive trailers

There have been a few different trailers for Pacific Drive so far, with the first announcement trailer released back in September 2022. It featured in-engine scenes of the main vehicle pulling up at a gas station, with the character stepping out to make some repairs. 

We then hear a radio announcement warning of an incoming event, leading the character to rush into the car and drive off as acid rain falls down and metal creatures attack the car.

Our next major look at the game was the 2023 gameplay trailer, which showcased some gameplay of the player customising and repairing the car inside a garage, before cutting to a montage of driving and car customisation gameplay.

Later in 2023, we also received the story trailer, which detailed a little more about the game's world with some voice-over explaining the setting and lore a little bit. 

Finally, 2023 ended with the release date trailer, which featured a mix of in-engine scenes and some gameplay, giving us one more look before it releases later this year. 

What do we know about the gameplay?

an image of driving the car in Pacific Drive
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Pacific Drive is a first-person survival adventure game where you need to escape the Olympic Exclusion Zone with your car. 

As your main piece of kit, your car allows you to venture out and explore the region, scavenging resources to take back to the garage so you can repair and upgrade it further. You can also find new crafting recipes, along with story content like notes, audio logs, and NPCs to communicate with over the radio.

repairing the car in Pacific Drive
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As you explore and try to escape, you'll need to battle the elements, supernatural dangers, and metal monsters that can latch onto your car and deal damage. 

You can also open special gateways with energy cores to access new areas, but this makes the world more hostile with additional enemies and starts a storm that can kill you.

What platforms is Pacific Drive available on?

The game is set to launch on the PlayStation 5 and PC, through the Steam and Epic Games Store. 

There's currently no news about an Xbox release, but we assume a version will come at a later date.

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