How to get strafing kills in MW3

How to get strafing kills in MW3
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12th Feb 2024 10:42

The language and terminology of gaming isn't something everyone knows, and the challenge to perform strafing kills in Modern Warfare 3 is one that hinges on people understanding specific terms that go unexplained.

MW3 is in its second season as of writing this, meaning aspects like meta loadouts have changed, while new maps, modes, operators, and challenges are added. If you're someone who wants to dive right in and start progressing quickly, you'll need to know how to master all the challenges on offer.

Read on below for our explainer of strafing kills in the game and how exactly you can achieve them.

How to get strafing kills in MW3

As per the challenge, to get strafing kills in MW3, you just need to kill an enemy while moving either left or right without turning your camera.

For example, if you get into a firefight, aim at your target and hold A or D on the keyboard, or left or right on the left thumbstick while continuing to shoot. I also recommend not aiming down your sights, so you have a wider arc of fire to rely on without moving the camera.

strafing and shooting in Modern Warfare 3
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If you manage to eliminate an enemy this way, it will be counted as a strafing kill and knock one off your tally.

The strafing term has been in use since early FPS games, with titles like Quake heavily making use of the technique for gaining speed and outmanoeuvring enemies.

It's less useful as a strategy outside of shooters that heavily prioritise movement, but you can still throw off an enemy by doing it, and moving generally just makes you a harder target to hit.

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