Does MW3 have split-screen or multiplayer co-op?

Does MW3 have split-screen or multiplayer co-op?
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Tarran Stockton

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21st Nov 2023 16:57

With a new COD, players will be asking many of the same questions about its features, and many are wondering if MW3 has split-screen functionality or cooperative multiplayer across the game's various modes. 

Modern Warfare 3 is here and in addition to knowing the best guns and how to get mastery camos, it's worth learning if you can play with people locally like in previous entries. Find out below.

Does MW3 have split-screen or multiplayer co-op?

Modern Warfare 3 does feature split-screen functionality, as well as local co-op multiplayer support, but this is restricted to the multiplayer mode only and to console versions only.

This means there is no cooperative campaign in the game, and even more puzzling is the lack of offline zombies support, meaning players cannot enjoy the zombies mode locally like in previous games. 

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Of course, if you and your friends have internet you can still play zombies online, but say goodbye to playing the mode with multiple people on the same console or through the use of a local area network. 

Features like this are increasingly lacking in modern games, with the days of local split-screen feeling like a relic of a bygone era of gaming. While most of us have internet these days, it does suck for people with poor internet or those who can only play on the same console.

Though it affects only a small percentage of the player population, I look at split-screen or local co-op as accessibility features, as it makes a lot of difference for those who really need it. 

How to play split-screen in MW3

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The process for playing MW3 split-screen is essentially the same for both Xbox and PlayStation users, so just follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure you've logged in on one of your accounts and a controller
  • Navigate to the Call of Duty HQ menu
  • Have the second player sign in to an account with a second controller
  • Press the button prompt in the top right to join split-screen
  • Check the overlapping circles in the top right to confirm it's worked
  • Select a Private Match or Multiplayer to begin playing

That's all you need to know about whether MW3 has split-screen or multiplayer co-op.

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