How to fix MW3 daily & weekly challenges not tracking

How to fix MW3 daily & weekly challenges not tracking
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11th Nov 2023 14:29

The Modern Warfare 3 daily and weekly challenges not tracking is a frustrating bug that many players are sadly running into in the game.

With Call of Duty: MW3 out worldwide, players are looking to dive into the next iteration of Activision's premier first-person shooter. Just like any new game, MW3 has had a few issues after its worldwide launch. Thankfully, there are a few fixes you can try to get around the issue.

How to fix the daily and weekly challenges not tracking issue

To fix this issue in MW3, the best solution is to restart the game. Another option would be to restart your internet connection. If you're playing on a console, then restarting the console alongside the internet connection is also recommended.

With daily and weekly challenges being pivotal to in-game progression, the MW3 developers should almost certainly fix the issue soon. To keep track of the issue, follow the official pages of Activision, Sledgehammer Games, and CODUpdates on Twitter.

What exactly is the MW3 daily and weekly challenges not tracking issue?

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The daily and weekly challenges tracking issue refers to the moment when the player completes the daily and weekly challenges, but they are not updated on the challenges tracker of the MW3 menu. For example, if one of the challenges requires players to kill 10 operators, and the player does just that, the challenges tracker is still stuck at 0/10.

This has been an ongoing issue with players, and many have discussed this issue and expressed their frustration. A megathread on the r/ModernWarfareIII subreddit discusses everything related to the bug and how players are facing them. According to the players, various challenges, like taking out operators with grenades and with ADS mode, are not tracked in their MW3 sessions.

It is not uncommon for live service games to have bugs at launch, and with this MW3 is no exception. Neither Activision nor Sledgehammer Games has addressed the issue as of yet. The official CODUpdates Twitter account also hasn't acknowledged the issue.

So, that is everything you need to know about fixing the MW3 daily and weekly challenges, not tracking issues in MW3. Check out our guides on all the MW3 missions and all the trophies and achievements

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