All Cryptid Bootcamp Challenges & Rewards in MW3 Season 2

All Cryptid Bootcamp Challenges & Rewards in MW3 Season 2
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16th Feb 2024 17:22


The latest Modern Warfare 3 event Cryptid Bootcamp is here, and it's inspired by monsters and creatures from urban myths and folktales. Players will have the opportunity to unlock some amazing cosmetic items in this Season 2 event by completing certain challenges in the game's multiplayer and zombie modes. There's also a blueprint reward for players who are dedicated to completing all the challenges.

In this guide, we'll detail down all the challenges and rewards for players in the Cryptid Bootcamp event in MW3.

MW3 Cryptid Bootcamp Challenges and Rewards

mw3 cryptid bootcamp
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There are a total of 16 challenges divided between Multiplayer and Zombies. Completing any one challenge from either of the modes for a cosmetic reward will unlock it. So, it isn't necessary to complete both of the challenges.

Reward Multiplayer  Zombies
Cernunnos Weapon Sticker Get 20 Operator Kills with Throwing Knives Get 120 Zombie Kills with Throwing Knives
Harbingers Calling Card Get 50 One Shot One Kill Operator Kills with a Sniper Get 10 Special Zombie Critical Kills with Sniper Rifles
Prophetic Squish Charm Get 40 Operator Kills with the Marksman Rifle Conversion Aftermarket Part Equipped while using the Threat Identification System and Stalker Boot Perks Destroy 3 Harvester Orbs
Sass-squashed Calling Card Get 2 Operator Kills with a Shotgun or Melee Weapon in one life 15 times Get 50 Hellhound Kills with Shotguns
What Cute Eyes You Have Emblem Get 75 Operator Kills with a Suppressor Equipped while using the Ghost A/V Camo Perk Get 100 Zombie Kills while using Aether Shroud
We Believe in You Large Decal Destroy 20 Enemy Equipment or Killstreaks with the Stormender Weapon Get 75 Brain Rot Zombie Kills
Lake Monster Emblem Get 20 Operator Melee Kills while in Smoke  Eliminate 5 Big Bounty Targets with Mystery Box Weapons
Looking at You Camo Get 75 Operator Kills while using Covert Sneakers and Blacklight Flashlight Perks Kill 3 Abominations

Completing all sixteen challenges for this event will reward you with a unique Sidewinder blueprint also titled Cryptid. This blueprint for the weapon has improved ADS (Aim Down Sight) Speed and Firing Aim Stability. The Sidewinder is also one of the best Battle Rifles to have in the game, so getting it will be immensely useful.

mw3 cryptid sidewinder
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That is everything you need to know about the Cryptid Bootcamp Challenges and Rewards in MW3 Season 2. We also have guides on the best BP50 loadout and Ranked Play Loadouts, so be sure to check them out as well.

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