How To Kill A Commander In MW2 DMZ

How To Kill A Commander In MW2 DMZ
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23rd Nov 2022 11:44

You'll need to figure out how to kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ if you want to progress through the tier three missions for the Black Mous faction. There are various boss-type AI enemies scattered throughout the map in MW2 DMZ, and this particular mission requires you to kill three of them to progress. So, to figure out how to kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ, including their locations and enemy types, make sure to carry on reading down below.

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Where To Find Commanders In MW2 DMZ

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There are currently three separate Commanders in MW2 DMZ, and they are the Chemist, the Juggernaut, and the Commander Helicopter. The tricky part about finding these bosses is that they don't necessarily have a fixed location in every raid, so you will need to do a bit of searching in order to get to them. You will know whether you have killed a Commander when the 'Boss Kills' medal appears on the screen.

However, they are generally marked on the map, so it will be just a case of making your way over to their location. Make sure to follow our guide for the full details of how to find the Chemist in MW2 DMZ for the first Commander, but generally, he is located within the radiation zone.

For the Juggernaut, you will want to head to wherever the Weapon Case icon on the map is. Do make sure to pay attention to the announcements though, as a player could get to him and take him down before you. If you're doing the Black Mous mission, you will need to extract with the special weapon case that the Juggernaut drops, so killing him - or killing a squad that has got there first - is a necessity.

In order to find the Commander Helicopter, you must first complete an intel mission, and they will spawn after doing so. This boss only spawns once a game though, so another squad could get it done before you. The Commander helicopter can be seen on the map through the skull icon with a headset on.

Do You Need To Kill All Three Commanders?

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Thankfully you don't actually need to kill all three Commanders individually to complete the faction mission, and it can be done over an infinite amount of games too. The only Commander that you technically need to kill is the Juggernaut in order to get the weapon case, but even then you can just take it off of another squad.

The easiest Commander to take down is probably the Commander Helicopter, as both the Chemist and the Juggernaut will have far more player interest, and can often be tougher to kill too.

So, that completes this guide for how to kill a Commander in MW2 DMZ, giving you all the information you need to finish your next faction mission. If you want to find out what you can pick up from all of the MW2 DMZ Buy Stations, then make sure to check out our guide.

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