Here's how you complete Intel Exchange in MW2 DMZ

Here's how you complete Intel Exchange in MW2 DMZ
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4th Apr 2023 11:31

It feels like missions in MW2 DMZ are getting progressively more complex, but anything that keeps the tension high is very welcome. So, if you want to find out what it takes to finish Intel Exchange in MW2 DMZ, make sure to carry on reading below as we've got a full guide to help you out.

How do you complete Intel Exchange?

Intel Exchange is a tier two faction mission for Crown that requires you to go between several locations to loot and place some specific items. The tasks that you will need to complete in order to finish Intel Exchange in MW2 DMZ are as follows:

  • Find and extract the Al Mazrah Shipping Intel
  • Find the Building 21 USB Stick
  • Place the Building 21 USB Stick in Lost Room 403

How to complete Intel Exchange in MW2 DMZ
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So, carry on reading below to see how to complete each part of the Intel Exchange mission in the DMZ game mode.

Where to find Al Mazrah Shipping Intel

Before you start this quest, you must make sure that you've got the Lost Room 403 key on your person, as otherwise, you won't be able to access the room that houses the Shipping Intel.

Where to find Al Mazrah Shipping Intel in MW2 DMZ
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There is frustratingly no guaranteed spawn for this particular key, and instead, you will have to rely on various lootable containers or HVT contracts to hopefully pick it up. This can be an arduous process, so let's hope you can get lucky.

Once you've got the Lost Room 403 key though, you will want to make your way to the hotel on Ashika Island, which is just a short walk north of the Beach Club.

Head inside and look for the locked door with '403' next to it, and that should allow you to use the key. The Al Mazrah Shipping Intel should then be inside waiting to be picked up, so make sure that you safely extract the item in your backpack.

Where to find Building 21 USB Stick

The Building 21 USB Stick is found within the Waterways Dead Drop, which can be quite challenging to access. The easiest way to access it is by heading into the underground waterways at Port Ashika, at the edge of the gas station.

Where to find Building 21 USB Stick in MW2 DMZ
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Once you've reached the Dead Drop around the vicinity of Tsuki Castle, the USB Stick should be inside ready to be looted. Then, you will want to head back to Lost Room 403 in the hotel and place the USB Stick where you picked up the Shipping Intel.

This will complete the Intel Exchange quest in MW2 DMZ and give you 7,500 XP and the Happy Chap weapon sticker.

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