MW2 Calling Card Glitch: How To Get All MW2 Calling Cards For Free

MW2 Calling Card Glitch: How To Get All MW2 Calling Cards For Free
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Coleman Hamstead


15th Nov 2022 13:29

The MW2 Calling Card glitch is taking the community by storm as everyone races to seize their favourite Calling Cards. So far, the selection of Calling Cards in Modern Warfare 2 has been lacklustre, to say the least, but clever community members have discovered a glitch that allows you to snag any Calling Card you desire from a catalogue of hundreds. So, if you want to lay claim to a rare and not-yet-available Calling Card, follow the steps outlined below to perform the MW2 Calling Card glitch.

MW2 Calling Card Glitch: Create A Private Match

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From the MW2 Multiplayer menu, select Private Match and choose the option to "create Private Match".

MW2 Calling Card Glitch: Select CDL Control

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Now, swap over to the Call of Duty League ruleset using the tabs near the top centre of the screen. Next, Select CDL Control as your mode of choice.

MW2 Calling Card Glitch: Navigate To Your Profile Tab

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Here, open up the Launcher Menu and scroll to the far-right tab that displays your Rank. If you're in the right place, you will see an option to edit your Calling Card.

MW2 Calling Card Glitch: Select Your Favourite Calling Card

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Now to the fun part! If you followed these steps to a tee, you should have access to every single Calling Card in Modern Warfare 2. This selection contains a variety of Calling Cards, including limited-time promotional and Beta Calling Cards, unreleased Shop Calling Cards, and even an Activision Calling Card for employees only.

Choose your favourite Calling Card and equip it to your Profile. If you just can't pick one, you can edit your Showcase and display three additional Calling Cards to exhibit. And while you're here, you can also browse the entire selection of Emblems!

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the MW2 Calling Card glitch will remain unaddressed forever. Once Infinity Ward catches on, there's no way they'll let players pick and choose from their entire catalogue of Calling Cards at no cost. However, for the time being, this is the best way to stand out and customise your Profile. And who knows, maybe they'll let you keep the Calling Card and Emblem already attached to your Profile! As long as you don't swap it out, that is.

So, make haste, as it's only a matter of time before Infinity Ward releases a patch to put the MW2 Calling Card glitch to rest!

If you want to unlock Calling Cards the good old fashion way, refer to our guide on how to get Calling Cards in MW2.

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