Where To Find Firelanterns In Monster Hunter Rise

Where To Find Firelanterns In Monster Hunter Rise
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23rd Jan 2023 11:19

While most of your time in Monster Hunter Rise will consist of you taking down colossal foes, there are a variety of other missions you will embark on. Not only does it help break up the pace of the game, but it also introduces you to new elements of the game you may have not come across before.

One of the earliest quests in Monster Hunter Rise tasks you to track down some Firelanterns. However, hunts are generally straightforward and provide ample hints on where to go. If you find you’re struggling to track down Firelanters, here’s where to go in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where To Find Firelanterns In Monster Hunter Rise

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One of the first Village quests you’ll undertake is called Roly-poly Lanterns. Whereas other missions will set you off to take down a beast, this particular quest simply asks you to find 8 Firelanterns in Monster Hunter Rise.

The quest sends you off to Shrine Ruins and simply leaves you to go out into the wild to find Firelanters. For most players, this will be their first time doing a mission of this nature, and of course, can lead to some confusion, but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think.

If you look at the mini-map in the bottom-left corner of the screen, you’ll notice green nodes scattered across it. This is actually where you need to go, and signals the exact location of Firelanterns in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’re struggling to spot them on the map, we have a full-screen version below:

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Once you arrive at the destination, it’s worth noting that the item you’ll gather is not called Firelanters. Instead, what you’re looking for is Shimmering Red Berries, as Firelanters are harvested as part of gathering this commodity.

After you’ve obtained the 8 Firelanters you need in Monster Hunter Rise, the quest will end and you’ll be transported back to the village. For future missions that involve gathering, just simply use the map to direct you on the right path.

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