How To Dive And Slide In Modern Warfare 2

How To Dive And Slide In Modern Warfare 2
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16th Sep 2022 12:22

If you're playing Modern Warfare 2 how to dive and slide might be on your mind, as they could be the key to getting a few more kills. The well renowned dolphin dive is finally back in a Call of Duty game to the delight of most and horror of some, but some players are a bit confused about how to actually pull it off. So, for all the information you need about Modern Warfare 2 how to dive and slide, don't miss our full guide down below.

How To Slide In MW2

How To Slide In MW2
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In order to dive and slide in Modern Warfare 2, all you need to do is press crouch when sprinting. However, the speed of your sprint completely changes which action your character will undertake.

If you're wanting to slide, pressing crouch when performing a regular speed sprint will allow you to do this. Sliding is one of the most useful movement mechanics in recent Call of Duty games, as it makes your character move unpredictably, and become very difficult to actually hit. 


Whether you'll be able to fully slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2 is still up in the air though, but it has certainly been a mechanic that has dominated the game for better or worse.

How To Dive In MW2

How To Dive In MW2
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On the other hand, if you're wanting to pull off a dive, you will need to press crouch when performing a tactical sprint, which is the faster of the two options. If you're unsure how to tactical sprint, all you need to do is press the sprint button (default L3) twice and hold forward on the left analogue stick.

You will only be able to tactical sprint for a short while, and there is a bigger delay between ending your sprint and being able to fire your gun again, but it can be very helpful for getting out of a tricky situation or chasing after an enemy. 

Adding the dive to this tactical sprint can allow you to be even more flexible, releasing your inner dolphin with the ability to launch yourself headfirst through windows and door frames. 

So, that wraps up everything you need to know about how to dive and slide in Modern Warfare 2, allowing you to be a bit more mobile than before on the battlefield. If you're wanting to know what the Modern Warfare 2 PC beta system requirements are though, don't miss our guide for all the in-depth information.

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