Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC release date, gameplay details and more

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC release date, gameplay details and more
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28th Mar 2023 17:00

Wizards of the Coast have recently announced a partnership with Minecraft and are developing a DND-themed Minecraft DLC which will contain a story-based adventure taking part across some of the most iconic Dungeons and Dragons settings of the Forgotten Realms like Icewind Dale and Candlekeep.

The DLC comes complete with some of the most iconic monsters of DND, like Beholders, Mimics, and Mind Flayers, all remade into the iconic Minecraft art style. Stay tuned as we go through everything we know so far about the release, including the release date, gameplay and more.

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC release date
Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Mimic and Gelatinous Cube
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The Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC was released on September 26, 2023.

This follows the recently-released Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves film, which has brought more attention to the franchise.

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Gameplay Details

Choose your class

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Classes
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Like previous Minecraft DLCs, this additional content will feature a story mode where characters can play from a selection of DND classes and take on a classic DND adventure.

Classes sited to be in the pack include barbarians, wizards and other core classes from 5th edition DND. Rogues and Paladins have also been advertised on promo images so we can expect to see most of the core classes included.

DND Settings and story

Minecraft DND DLC Caer Castle, Icewind Dale
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Wizards of the Coast have confirmed there will be five large settings to visit in the DLC, including Icewind Dale and Candlekeep, each of which will have unique quests and NPCS like Thessarai the Sage of Magic at Candlekeep.

Other named characters featured in the promo art are Nalkaa who appears to be something akin to a Frost Giant and may be a reference to Nalkara the daughter of Auril, the goddess of winter, and Thrym, the god of the frost giants. Also included in the images is an NPC called Sunamati, who appears to be a crowned, speaking lion.

Without further reference within DND lore, we can hazard a guess that the Minecraft/DND DLC will be a self-contained story, set apart from the greater Forgotten Realms canon.

Skill check system

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Skills and Dialogue system
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As every hardened DND player will know, the success of an adventure often relies on high rolls and good stats. As such, in the Minecraft crossover DLC, players will be able to roll a virtual d20 to determine how successful their interactions are with other NPCs.

There will be multiple dialogue options with corresponding stats, for example, if you're looking to intimidate a merchant instead of asking for more information, you'll be using your Charisma Skill.

You'll be able to decide which stats you want your character to be proficient in, and each dialogue option will be fully voiced.

Classic DND enemies

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Beholder boss
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Featured in the released artwork are famous DND monsters like Beholders, Mimics, Mindflayers, Gelatinous Cubes, Displacer Beasts and, of course, dragons.

The Ender Dragon will be a distant memory once you face some of the more intimidating DND bosses.

Spell system

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Spell system
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There will finally be a spell system added to Minecraft besides the vanilla game's potion brewing and enchantment system. Depending on the class you choose, there are new spells you can cast such as Fireball, which releases an explosion of fire onto enemies.

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