Life by You early access release date, gameplay, trailers & platforms

Life by You early access release date, gameplay, trailers & platforms
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2nd Feb 2024 18:00

Life by You is an upcoming life simulation game set to rival genre-leading games like The Sims 4. Life by You promises the ability to control NPCs in a world created by you with an in-depth building and character customisation menu.

Although inspired by leading simulation games, Life by You has a content roadmap of features that simulation fans have craved for years. This includes a full open world with the ability to switch control to NPCs on the fly, even if you're not on their household menu.

With the option to enlist in a career, find love, raise a family, build a home, and more, the game is said to provide the building blocks for simulation fun.

When is Life by You set to launch?

Life by You is due to be released in early access on June 4, 2024

This follows two previous movements in dates, with the initial date being set at September 2023 before it was then moved to March 5, 2024.

According to a press release, this new date for the early access launch is "to allow the development team to refine the visuals for its human characters and further improve gameplay".

On the game's FAQ page, a section from the developer mentions that the delays are in order to work on some much-needed improvements after community feedback. With this extra time, Paradox Tectonic aim to work on gameplay tuning, UI style overhaul, mod tools, bug fixing, and perhaps most importantly of all - visual improvements.

Screenshot for Life by You showing a character gardening
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Whilst not all planned features will be included during early access (like children), the developer has implemented a roadmap of content which is subject to change depending on community feedback during the early access period. 

You'll be able to pick it up on the Epic Games Store and Steam for $39.99/£34.99/€39.99 at launch.

What platforms will Life by You be on?

Currently, the only announced platform for Life by You is PC via the Epic Game Store and Steam.

There is also no announced console release for Life by You yet, but this will likely be saved until the early access period is over. Due to the relationship between Paradox and Microsoft, it could also see a release on the Xbox Series X|S.

Screenshot for Life By You showing a house build and gameplay
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Indeed, via the Life by You FAQ page the developer cites that "we may add additional platforms in the future", so it looks promising, depending on the game's success at launch.

Are there any trailers?

There's only one trailer for Life by You at the moment, which we've embedded above. That's not all, though, as there are also plenty of gameplay insights over on their official YouTube channel that show all the different elements of what to do in-game, ranging from relationships to cameras and cooking.

What is Life by You?

Life by You is a life simulation game that places players into a seamless open world with no loading screens, giving you a huge sandbox to play within. You're not limited to the confines of your own home and can explore as far as the map can take you as you rearrange and design an entire town if you wish.

There are plenty of design and customisation features too that you'd expect from a game like this. You can build your dream homes from scratch (with a colour-wheel menu option) and design your ideal characters too with the in-depth Human Creator tool, complete with personality and character traits.

Life By You screenshot showing an open world design
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There's also a crafting mechanic to make your own dialogue options. This means characters will have crafted conversations and will react uniquely to situations in your game.

What's even better is the flexibility and integration of mod support. Developer Paradox Tectonic is planning to release a host of Creator Tools with the game upon early access launch. This means the only limit to housing and character design, in theory, is your imagination.

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