League of Legends Patch 13.13 notes: Skins, buffs, nerfs & more

League of Legends Patch 13.13 notes: Skins, buffs, nerfs & more
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17th Jul 2023 16:58


Here are the patch notes for League of Legends patch 13.13. This LoL patch features a bunch of balance changes including buffs and nerfs for various champions, a few item changes and some cool new skins.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the game's newest patch, 13.13!

League of Legends Patch 13.13: Highlights

Promo art of Elderwood Karthus from League of Legends.
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League of Legends patch 13.13 includes a variety of balance changes, including changes to Rell, Neeko, Aphelios, Ivern and more.

New skins such as Star Guardian Orianna and Seraphine have been introduced, and we're getting a new victorious skin for those skilled enough to reach Gold in the ranked split this patch.

Some items have been changed such as Stormrazor and Duskblade, and some minor buffs and nerfs have been given to champions in ARAM.

League of Legends Patch 13.13: Full patch notes

Promo art of Star Guardian Seraphine from League of Legends.
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Here are the full patch notes for League of Legends patch 13.13.


  • Victorious Anivia will be given to all players who achieved Gold in ranked this season. Split 2 begins on July 19th, so there isn't much time left to obtain it.
  • In Split 2, promotional series between divisions have been removed, reducing the amount of placement games from 10 to 5.
  • Emerald tier will be added in Split 2, a new rank between Platinum and Diamond. You can read more about it here.


  • New skins released in this patch include Elderwood Karthus, Elderwood Wukong, Star Guardian Seraphine and Star Guardian Orianna.
  • Prestige DRX Aatrox is leaving the Mythic Shop

ARAM Adjustments

Some champions have received buffs exclusively in ARAM.

  • Aatrox: 100% Damage Dealt ⇒ 105% Damage Dealt
  • Caitlyn: 95% Damage Dealt ⇒ 100% Damage Dealt
  • Jinx: 90% Damage Dealt ⇒ 95% Damage Dealt
  • Karma: 100% Shielding ⇒ 110% Shielding

These champions have received nerfs for ARAM.

  • Azir: 105% Damage Dealt ⇒ 100% Damage Dealt
  • Rumble: 105% Damage Dealt ⇒ 100% Damage Dealt
  • Qiyana: 80% Damage Taken ⇒ 90% Damage Taken
  • Evelynn: 85% Damage Taken ⇒ 90% Damage Taken
  • Zed: 90% Damage Taken ⇒ 95% Damage Taken

Now let's take a look at all the balance changes for Summoner's Rift, item changes and bug fixes from patch 13.13.

Balance changes

Promo art of Aphelios from League of Legends.
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  • Q - Disintegrate
    • Magic Damage: 80/115/150/185/220 (+80% AP) ⇒ 70/105/140/175/210 (+75% AP)


  • Severum
    • Life Steal on Attacks: 2.5%-9% (levels 1-18) ⇒ 2%-7.1% (levels 1-18)
    • Life Steal on Abilities: 8.33%-30% (levels 1-18) ⇒ 5%-17.75% (levels 1-18)
  • Gravitum
    • Slow Duration on Attacks: 3.5 seconds ⇒ 2.5 seconds
  • Crescendum
    • Sentry Base Attack Speed: 0.8 ⇒ 0.64 (Note: Sentry attack speed scales with Aphelios's bonus attack speed.)


  • W - Brushmaker
    • Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit: 30/37.5/45/52.5/60 (+30% AP) ⇒ 20/27.5/35/42.5/50 (+20% AP)
  • R - Daisy!
    • Daisy Base Movement Speed: 440 ⇒ 430
    • Daisy, Slam! Base Damage: 40/60/80 ⇒ 20/40/60


  • Base Health: 610 ⇒ 580
  • Base Armor: 29 ⇒ 26

Lee Sin

  • Q - Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike
    • Sonic Wave Damage: 55/80/105/130/155 (+110% bonus AD) ⇒ 55/80/105/130/155 (+115% bonus AD)
    • Resonating Strike Minimum Damage: 55/80/105/130/155 (+110% bonus AD) ⇒ 55/80/105/130/155 (+115% bonus AD)
    • Resonating Strike Maximum Damage: 110/160/210/260/310 (+220% bonus AD) ⇒ 110/160/210/260/310 (+230% bonus AD)


  • Q - Blooming Burst
    • Cooldown: 7 seconds ⇒ 9/8.5/8/7.5/7 seconds
  • W - Shapesplitter
    • Proc Bonus Damage: 50/80/110/140/170 (+60% AP) ⇒ 40/75/110/145/180 (+60% AP)
  • R - Pop Blossom
    • Channel Disguised Duration: Neeko is disguised for the entire 1.25 second cast time ⇒ Neeko is disguised for the first 0.5 seconds of the cast, and is then revealed for the remaining 0.75 seconds


  • Movement Speed: 335 ⇒ 340


  • Base Attack Damage: 61 ⇒ 58
  • Base Health: 640 ⇒ 600


  • Health Regeneration Growth: 1.7 ⇒ 1.5
  • Base Magic Resistance: 32 ⇒ 30
  • Magic Resistance Growth: 2.05 ⇒ 1.85
  • Q - Shattering Strike
    • Bonus Damage to Monsters: 150/220/290/360/430 ⇒ 170/245/320/395/470 (Note: Max Q first now!)
  • W - Ferromancy: Crash Down/Mount Up
    • Crash Down Shield: 35/60/85/110/135 (+12% of maximum HP) ⇒ 15/40/65/90/110 (+12% of maximum HP)
    • Dismounted Attack Speed: 15/20/25/30/35% ⇒ 30%
  • E - Full Tilt
    • Bonus Damage to Monsters: 100/145/190/235/280 ⇒ 120/165/210/255/300


  • W - Blighted Quiver
    • On-Hit Magic Damage: 7/12/17/22/27 (+30% AP) ⇒ 7/12/17/22/27 (+35% AP)
    • Damage per Blight Stack: 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% (+2.5% per 100 AP) of target's maximum HP ⇒ 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% (+1.5% per 100 AP) of target's maximum HP


  • Passive - Blast Shield
    • Shield Scaling: 13% of maximum health ⇒ 10% of maximum health
  • R - Cease and Desist
    • Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds ⇒ 140/115/90 seconds


  • E - Nimbus Strike
    • Damage to Monsters Modifier: 120% ⇒ 100% (Note: Damage to monster modifier has been removed.)


Promo art of Ivern from League of Legends.
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Duskblade of Draktharr

  • Bugfix: Scoring a takedown while channelling will no longer proc Duskblade's untargetability

Essence Reaver

  • Spellblade Damage: 100% Base AD (+40% Bonus AD) ⇒ 130% Base AD (+20% Bonus AD)

Statikk Shiv

  • Energize Minion Damage: 250-450 (based on level) (+125% AP) ⇒ 250-450 (based on level) (+0% AP)
  • Energize Non-Minion Damage: 100-180 (based on level) (+50% AP) ⇒ 100-180 (based on level) (+30% AP)


  • Energize Damage: 15 (+60% AD) (+50% AP) ⇒ 90 (+25% AD) (+0% AP)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Akshan's R - Comeuppance would fail to reveal invisible champions.
  • Fixed a bug where Vladimir's R - Hemoplague range indicator size would be different before and after levelling up his R.
  • Fixed a bug where Anivia would not regain her non-Eggnivia armor and MR stats immediately after reviving
  • Fixed a bug where the amount of chain shield granted by Moonstone Renewer was based on the number of shields per spell cast and not allies shielded.
  • Fixed a bug where the League client would sometimes crash when checking the client version.
  • Fixed a bug where Vex's Passive - Doom and Gloom would not be applied against a Galio casting his E while near Vex.
  • Fixed a bug where jungle companion proc damage would sometimes be able to aggro new camps.
  • Fixed a bug where jungle companions could sometimes perform an attack when monsters spawned which would then start combat with said camp without the player champion attacking the camp.
  • Fixed a bug where Bel'Veth would lose stacks on her R by casting her Q and E on different targets.
  • Fixed a bug where Kled could not cast an untargeted heal while casting his R - Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
  • Fixed a bug where Shyvana's Q - Twin Bite would have a slightly longer cooldown in Dragon form than in Human form.
  • Fixed a bug where Shyvana's Q - Twin Bite would only grant Fury on the second hit.
  • Fixed a bug where Lucian's Passive - Vigilance would sometimes repeat its visual effects on the target.
  • Fixed a bug where Lucian's W - Ardent Blaze would sometimes not grant him movement speed.
  • Fixed a bug where when Neeko transformed into a Totem Ward, Farsight Ward, or Control Ward she could not attack.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading Dark Seal to Mejai's and refunding the purchase would sometimes result in the loss of all Dark Seal stacks.
  • Fixed a bug where when Sona used W - Aria of Perseverance the chain shield from Moonstone Renewer would not time out.
  • Fixed a bug where Maw of Malmortius' cooldown would reset upon death.

Those are all the patch notes from LoL patch 13.13! For more League of Legends tips and tricks, keep reading here at GGRecon.

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