The League of Legends MMO might be in trouble

The League of Legends MMO might be in trouble
Images: Riot Games

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Joseph Kime


8th Mar 2023 10:35

The concept of a new MMORPG set in the world of League of Legends was an incredibly appealing one to existing fans, as though they needed anything else to keep them glued to their PCs.

Riot Games owes a lot to the infectious style of League of Legends that has roped in leagues (pun not intended) of dedicated players to rally behind the game, and to offer them more beyond the core gameplay loop is a big deal, just as Arcane was to new and old fans alike. To step into the world via an MMO is an exciting prospect, and while Riot Games plugs away at the game, we're left to wait with little in terms of concrete details.

But it looks like the game might be in trouble.

Riot Games' LoL MMO just lost its executive producer

Fan concerns around the upcoming League of Legends MMORPG have been accelerated massively, as the game's executive producer, and the LoL lead designer, has revealed that he is stepping down from his role at Riot Games.

Revealing the news on Twitter, Greg Street has announced that he will no longer be working at Riot as a result of "personal and professional considerations", and choosing to spend more time with his family than the role allowed for.

"I said from the beginning that building a League of Legends MMO worthy of you all was going to be a long journey," he continues. "The most important job I could do as part of that was to build an amazing team, and while I try to stay humble overall, I will brag about this team all day!"

The League of Legends MMO is 'in good hands'

Though his departure is concerning for some, Street has made sure to assure fans that his leaving Riot Games doesn't mean that the game is necessarily in trouble.

"The MMO is in good hands and it’s the right time to hand over the reins for the next phase," he adds. "I plan to stay in game development and I have had a number of exciting opportunities presented to me already. And I will be with you all playing the Riot MMO when it comes out."

The game is an exciting one, and though the departure of Greg Street might be immediately concerning, it looks like it's not all doom and gloom. After all, it's League of Legends. Riot Games will find a way to make it work.

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