How to respec Passives in Last Epoch

How to respec Passives in Last Epoch
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22nd Feb 2024 09:45

While respeccing your Active Skills in Last Epoch is relatively straightforward and doable from anywhere, you might be wondering how you can respec your Passives.

Passives are just as important to builds as Active Skills are, so if you want to change how your character plays, you'll need to redistribute your Passive Points, too. With that, let's review how exactly to respec Passives in the hack-and-slash action role-playing game by Eleventh Hour Games.

How to respec Passives

To respec your Passives in Last Epoch, you must visit Chronomancer Lerinne in the The End of Time or The Council Chambers. This NPC is labelled on the in-game map by a symbol depicting a side view of a human head with the brain prominently in sight. 

Chatting with Chronomancer Lerinne opens the option to respecialize Mastery Point allocations, aka respec your Passives. This'll open up your Passive Tree, allowing you to freely remove Passive Points, but it's not free!

Chronomancer Lerinne charges Gold for every Passive Point you want to take out, and the more points you have allocated into a specific Passive, the higher the fee.

Respeccing Passives in Last Epoch
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There are some caveats, too. If you're far along in the tree, you can't go back and remove points from nodes that are necessary for you to meet the point requirements of other Passives. So, if you want to respec those initial Passives, you'll need to start from the top and work your way down, removing each Passive Point individually.

Once you refund your Passive Points, you can immediately reallocate them into different Passives. Because of this, respeccing your Passives is not nearly as punishing as respeccing your Active Skills.

Sadly, you cannot respec your Mastery Class in Last Epoch. Once you settle on a Mastery, you're stuck with it, all you can do is alter how that Mastery Class plays with Passives.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to try out a new build or playstyle in a game like Last Epoch. Thankfully, respeccing isn't too arduous! Once you get deep into the game, Gold becomes trivial, so you'll be able to easily respec your Passives whenever you desire!

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