King of Fighters XV Terry Guide: How To Play Terry Bogard

King of Fighters XV Terry Guide: How To Play Terry Bogard
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15th Feb 2022 09:23

Looking to learn about King of Fighters XV Terry Bogard? Then this guide will give you the lowdown. King of Fighters XV returns with an excellent new entry, and it wouldn't be a true King of Fighters game without Terry. New fans might be familiar with Terry Bogard from his appearances in other games and media, but fighting in the KoF tournament is his true home. For everything you need to get started with Terry, here is how to play King of Fighters XV Terry Bogard.

King of Fighters XV Terry: Who Is He?

King of Fighters XV How To Play Terry Bogard: Who he is
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Terry Bogard came to the King of Fighters series from his original game series, Fatal Fury. He was the protagonist of that series and continues to represent Fatal Fury alongside his brother Andy Bogard and the main antagonist Geese Howard. He has become one of the most iconic SNK characters, so much so, he even made an appearance in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

He was created with a typical 90s American man in mind and, to this day, rocks blue jeans, red sneakers and a trucker. Terry is designed to be an entry character and the way he plays in King of Fighters XV reflects that.


King of Fighters XV Terry: Playstyle

King of Fighters XV How To Play Terry Bogard: His Playstyle
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In King of Fighters XV, Terry Bogard is a jack of all trades. A perfect entry-level character, Terry is ideal for new players trying to learn the game. Simple doesn't mean ineffective though, which Terry proves in spades.

Terry has quite the selection of regular and special moves. His normal attacks provide the range, allowing Terry to poke at his opponent from a distance. He also has great low attacks that are great for setting up combos. Those combos are very straightforward and effective, again a great learning experience for new players.

On top of Terry's powerful normal attacks, he has an abundance of special moves. His classic attacks like Burning Knuckle, Power Wave and Rising Tackle are back, and his Power Dunk has returned in a big way. With these moves, Terry has a dash attack to close distance, a projectile to attack from range, an uppercut-style move to hit opponents in mid-air, and a huge jumping dash.

This variance means Terry can be employed by a number of playstyles.

His Power Dunk special is particularly potent. Not only does it close distance, but it provides armour, meaning Terry will blow through an incoming attack. Couple this with his own Power Wave projectile and Terry is adept at taking down enemies who spam fireballs.

Where other characters are more specialized and can be countered easily, Terry's flexibility makes him a good pick for any team. There is no hard counter to Terry's broad range of abilities and whether starting out or as an experienced player, Terry is always a solid choice.

That is everything you need to know to start using Terry Bogard in King of Fighters XV. To learn more about the game, why not check out our King of Fighters XV Kyo guide?


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