King of Fighters XV Endings: How To Unlock All Music

King of Fighters XV Endings: How To Unlock All Music
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14th Feb 2022 17:30

Hunting down all of the King of Fighters XV endings? King of Fighters XV has a mountain of bonus content in the way of endings and music for players to unlock. There are specific conditions to be met for most of these, but luckily it isn't too complicated to do. Here is everything we know about King of Fighters XV endings: How to unlock all endings and music.

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King of Fighters Endings: Where To Find Them

King of Fighters XV Endings: Where to find them
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In order to view the list of endings, go to the Gallery section of the main menu. Here you will have two options, movies and voices. The voices are just a player for all the characters voice clips. These are unlocked simply by playing as each character.

What we want is the movies section where you will find the list of endings, and you will see - that list is pretty long. With so many characters, so many teams and potential team compositions, there are roughly fifty endings in the game.


King of Fighters XV Endings: How To Unlock Them

King of Fighters XV Endings: How to unlock them
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For the most part, endings are unlocked by completing the story mode with particular teams. Thankfully, there isn't any difficulty requirement, so feel free to use the difficulty setting most comfortable for you.

Many of the endings are very straightforward to find. Use any of the pre-made teams on the roster and complete story mode and you will get that team's ending. The two most important teams to the main story, Team Hero and Team Rival, get extra ending content so be sure to complete the story with those two.

As you go down the list, you will notice not all endings come from using pre-set teams. These are all acquired through finishing the story mode, but many aren't clear about which team to use. You might see some that say "Finish Story with X, Y and ???", meaning you have to figure out the third member required.

For example, you might see "Finish Story with Ralf, Clark and ???" where the third member is Leona, who make up Team Ikari. This might take some trial and error, but a simple Google search should get you the info you need.

King of Fighters XV Endings: How To Unlock Bonus Music

King of Fighters XV Endings: How to unlock music
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Taking a leaf out of Tekken 7's book, King of Fighters XV includes the music soundtracks from all previous KoF games. They even threw in some other SNK classics too, like Metal Slug and Fatal Fury. However, most of these have to be unlocked through play. Luckily, we are doing the same thing here as we did for the endings.

Each soundtrack is unlocked through finishing story mode with a particular team. Again, these are all done with teams that aren't fully revealed to you by the game. You will be given two of the fighters and left to figure out who the third character is. Mostly these will be relevant characters to the other two, so a little bit of internet sleuthing may get you the answers. Otherwise, it's a case of trial and error.

Our recommendation for endings and music you're not sure about is to set story mode to the easiest difficulty and smash through it with every team in the game. You'll unlock lots of story content and get experience with all the characters in one go.

There you have it, everything we know about King of Fighters XV endings, how to unlock them and how to unlock bonus music.

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