Is Pixel Piece Down?

Is Pixel Piece Down?
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Jake Bannister


6th Feb 2023 21:39

The recently booming Roblox game called Pixel Piece has taken the entire of Roblox by storm in recent weeks, hitting huge player numbers and already reaching over 14 million visits at the time of writing. 

Pixel Piece has plenty to offer for players, giving players the opportunity to tackle various raids, challenges and dungeons, all whilst navigating through a huge pixel world map. Players can take on the sea with allies and search the lands in the hunt for devil fruit and become the supreme pirate of the seas. 

You may have noticed today though that Pixel Piece isn't working as normal, but fear not, we have all the information below on whether Pixel Piece is down and when it might be returning, so read on to get the full scoop.

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Is Pixel Piece Down?

Everyone is wondering what has happened when they are going to their new favourite game, Pixel Piece, and noticing the play button isn't there any more, but what's happened and will the game return?

At exactly 8.57pm GMT / 4.29pm EST there was some upsetting news announced by the game developers, WorldUp Studios, announcing that the most recent release (UPDATE 1) has encountered problems for players. 

These problems include players losing levels and having continuous technical problems. WorldUp Studios have however informed players that as soon as the game comes back, they will be starting restores for game passes, dev products, levels , fruits and many more things, so don't worry if you think you will be losing your hard earned progress. 

The full message can be found below, but we have also dug further below into when the game may be back and what you can expect upon the restoration. 

Is Pixel Piece Down
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When Will Pixel Piece Be Back?

As it stands right now, there is no confirmed timeframe on when Pixel Piece will be back, but we will make sure to keep an eye on all communication from WorldUp Studios and let you know as soon as the game is back.

What makes slightly sweeter reading however is the developer has announced they will be rewarding players with a double EXP week upon the return of the game, alongside further rewards yet to be announced. 

We're sure the game will be back before you know it, but keep checking back here and we'll update this guide with any news we hear about the return of your favourite Roblox game.

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