How to order the Secret Menu Item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to order the Secret Menu Item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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13th Feb 2024 13:11

The Paldean map in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is full of particular tests you need to complete before you take on each city's gym leader.

Medali City is no different here, as it requires you to order a Secret Menu item in the gym's restaurant, the Treasure Eatery, so here's what you need to do to get it in the game.

Ordering the Secret Menu Item

To order the Secret Menu Item, you need to pick three particular options for a certain dish: "grilled rice balls, medium serving, extra crispy, Fire Blast style, and lemon".

Normally, this test would have you approach and sometimes battle specific NPCs to get a clue about each part of the order. Just having the Secret Menu Item laid out as above is far easier, but you can approach these clue-giving Trainers for some extra battling experience and money if you wish.

A Trainer ordering grilled rice balls in Scarlet & Violet
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Where to battle the NPCs

The NPCs for each specific clue can be found in the following spots:

  • Fire Blast style: Go to the Amphitheater stairs and battle the student, Gislea. Win, and she'll give you the hint of "a dark spot surrounded by stairs". This will lead you to the hint for Fire Blast
  • Grilled rice balls: After leaving the gym, keep going towards the centre of Medali. Talk to an NPC named Adara and battle him. He'll tell you to go to the ice cream stand to look for the "odd one out" on the menu, in this case, the grilled rice balls
  • Lemon: Go into the gym's Treasure Eatery and speak to the NPC, Larry. Ask how the locals season their dishes, and he will aptly tell you that "a nice squeeze of lemon gives any dish a refreshing kick"
  • Medium serving: On the roadside of the city, you must find and battle an NPC called Santiago. He will tell you to go across the road and "listen to the blue bird Pokemon". You'll find a man with a blue Squawkabilly on his head who shouts "Meedyum!"

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