How To Check KD In MW2 2022

How To Check KD In MW2 2022
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28th Oct 2022 10:37

It's finally time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is here and it brings with it a fresh new look at one of the most memorable entries in the series. One thing MW2 is known for is its competitive multiplayer matches and if you want to be the best, you want that KD to be as maximised as possible. However, knowing how to check KD in MW2 2022 is something that is tripping up a lot of players as it doesn't operate the same way as it did in the previous Call of Duty games.

Below, we'll be taking you through exactly how to check KD in MW2 2022 so that you can show your stats off to your fellow Modern Warfare 2 comrades and secure bragging rights.

What Does KD Stand For In MW2?

If you aren't familiar with the term 'KD', this is referring to your kill/death ratio in multiplayer matches. Naturally, to have a high KD, you want as many kills as possible with the least amount of deaths.

A lot of today's games have moved away from the traditional KD metric and have included assists too, making it KDA instead to provide more of a balanced number if you're more of a supporting player rather than a run-and-gun type.

How To Check KD In MW2

how to check kd mw2
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There is still a traditional KD metric in MW2 2022 but as previously stated, it's a little unclear as to how you can actually view this.

At this current time, the only KD number that you are able to see is at the end scoreboard of each match. This means that, unfortunately, the number shown is isolated to that one match and not an accumulation of your lifetime MW2 performance.


Right now, there is no way you can see your lifetime MW2 KD which is rather frustrating but we expect this to be implemented at some point as it is something that both casual and hardcore players alike like to track. This will likely be implemented in a 'Barracks' section that is was in previous games but is yet to appear in this entry into the series.

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