How many skins are in League of Legends?

How many skins are in League of Legends?
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League of Legends has been one of the biggest games on Earth for over a decade, and in that time Riot has created a whole host of skins for players to use on their favourite characters.

The game helped to popularise the free-to-play model in the industry, with a big part involving microtransactions for cosmetic items, like skins.

If you're wondering how many skins are currently available, along with which types are available, we've got you covered.

How many skins are there?

As of May 2024, there are a whopping 1674 skins in League of Legends, with every current champion having at least a few that can be bought. 

the skin store in League of Legends
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There are expected to be many more skins by the time the year is up, as Riot typically drops skin packs every month, with them averaging 12 new skins a month for the past year.

Skins are typically sorted into skin lines or sets, which have their own shared theme, ranging from futuristic ones to candy-themed ones. There are over 190 sets in the game currently.

While many of the 1674 skins can still be purchased from the store, lots of them are no longer obtainable. That's because some were part of limited-time events, some were ranked rewards in earlier seasons, and some could only be bought with specific currencies.

There are skins that are phased in and out as part of seasonal content though, so just because something can't be earned now, doesn't always mean it's gone for good.

What are the skin prices?

Skin price is completely dependent on the tier it belongs too, with there being eight different tiers currently available. Here is each tier and the most common price of a skin belonging to it:

Tier Price Explanation
Chroma 290 RP A new texture that mostly changes the colour of the default model.
Timeworn 520 RP Small texture changes and a new splash image, which can sometimes also include model alterations. No more skins of this tier will be released.
Budget 750 RP A simple costume change, with small model changes, texture changes, and a new splash image.
Standard 975 RP New model, texture, and splash image. Some new animations, visual effects, or sounds.
Epic 1350 RP Big changes to the champion with a new model, texture, splash image, animations, visual effects, and sounds.
Legendary 1820 RP A full reimagination of a champion, with a new version of everything.
Mythic 100 Mythic Essence Comparable to Epic skins in design, but more exclusive.
Ultimate 2775–3250 RP Pushes the reimagining of a character further, with new models and textures that can evolve into different forms. Can also include bonus content.

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How much to buy all skins?

If you're looking to complete your collection and purchase all of the skins currently available in the store, it would cost 1,409,830 RP, which is equivalent to £8222.02/$10,438.81.

This calculation doesn't factor in any of the skins that are no longer available at all, or the skins that are currently unavailable during this season.

Check out our League of Legends homepage for more guides. We've also covered all level borders, the best Champions for beginners, the current rank distribution, and how to use shards.

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