How Many Skins Are In League Of Legends?

How Many Skins Are In League Of Legends?
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Tarran Stockton


24th Jan 2023 13:11

You may want to know, how many skins are in League of Legends? League of Legends has been around since 2009 and helped to popularised the free-to-play model, letting players enjoy the game at no cost, while also offering cosmetic items that can be purchased to make their champions stand out.

With over 13 years of skins available in the game at this point, you may want to know how many skins are in League of Legends, so check out our breakdown below.

How Many Skins Are In League Of Legends?

How Many Skins Are In League Of Legends?
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As of January 2023, there are a whopping 1481 skins in League of Legends, with every current champion having at least a few that can be bought. Skins are typically sorted into skin lines, which have their own shared theme, ranging from futuristic ones to candy-themed ones.

There are expected to be many more skins by the time the year is up, as Riot typically drop new skin packs every month, with them averaging 12 skins a month for the past year.

There are four skin tiers, which range from basic recolours of the champion's standard look, to fully overhauled designs with new animations and voice lines. Each tier is also more expensive. Here are the tiers and their typical pricing:

  • Regular - 975 RP
  • Epic - 1350
  • Legendary - 1820
  • Ultimate - 3250

While many of the 1481 skins can still be purchased from the store, lots of them are no longer obtainable. That's because some were part of limited-time events, some were ranked rewards in earlier seasons, and some could only be bought with specific currencies.

There are skins that are phased in and out as part of seasonal content though, so just because something can't be earned now, doesn't always mean it's gone for good.

Now you know how many skins are in League of Legends, along with a little explainer of how skins work.

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