How Long Is Trek To Yomi?

How Long Is Trek To Yomi?
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5th May 2022 14:00

You may want to know the answer to the question - how long is Trek to Yomi? Trek to Yomi is a cinematic side-scrolling action game that draws heavy influence from classic Japanese cinema of the 50s and 60s, recreating the look, feel, atmosphere, and aesthetics of films like Seven Samurai. If you need a primer on the Trek to Yomi length before jumping in and taking part in the samurai action, we've got you covered. 

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How Long Is Trek To Yomi?

Trek to Yomi length
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Trek to Yomi isn't a particularly long experience, coming with only seven short chapters across its story. For the majority of players looking to just experience the narrative of protagonist Hiroki, it should take roughly four to six hours, depending largely on how you find the difficulty during some encounters, and how much extra exploration you do when you're not restricted to the 2D plane. 

There are several reasons to explore during the sections where you're given the chance to move in any direction, thanks to the upgrades, new moves, and collectibles. Players looking to find all of these and gain the respective achievements should expect the runtime to move closer to eight hours. There is no level selection currently though, so if you miss one and need to go back, be prepared to play through all the preceding chapters first. 


After finishing the game once, players will also unlock the Kensei difficulty, which makes all enemies kill you in one hit, making it a hard challenge for even the most-experienced players. Completionists looking to earn every achievement will also need to play through this mode, while also gaining misc trophies from getting enough environmental kills and performing finishers, though these can earned within one playthrough easily. This should take the playtime closer to 15 hours in total.

That's all for our explainer on the Trek to Yomi length, and now you know how long the game should take you depending on your playstyle. 

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