Full Hellblade 2 chapter list & how long to beat

Full Hellblade 2 chapter list & how long to beat
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21st May 2024 09:00


The following article could be considered major spoilers for Hellblade 2.

Much like the first game, Senua’s Sacrifice Hellblade 2 isn’t an overly long game, with a short chapter list and overall runtime to boot.

After playing through the game in full for our review, here’s a complete list of all the chapters in Hellblade 2, as well as how long it should take you to beat the game.

All chapters in Hellblade 2

There are six chapters in total in Hellblade 2. They’re called:

  1. Reykjanesta
  2. Freyslaug
  3. Raudholar
  4. Huldufolk
  5. Bardarvik
  6. Borgarvirki

Each chapter will take you to a vastly different area of the Icelandic landscape. You can select a chapter to go back and play as soon as you’ve completed it. Once you’ve finished the whole game, you can choose to replay any chapter with an alternative narrator - that’ll net you an achievement, too.

How long does it take to finish Hellblade 2?

Hellblade 2 Chapter List
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It took me just over five hours to complete the main story of Hellblade 2. This was with a small amount of exploring in each area, but I mostly focused on completing the main story. By the time I rolled credits, I’d only found a couple of the additional collectables that you can find in the world.

If you want to uncover everything that Hellblade 2 has to offer, namely the hidden secrets and the wooden lore posts known as Lorestangir, you’re looking at around eight hours for a completionist playthrough.

Overall, Hellblade 2 is a very short game - a tad shorter than the prequel that came before it. It’s a very easy game to earn all the achievements very quickly if that’s your bag.

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