All Hellblade 2 voice actors & full cast list

All Hellblade 2 voice actors & full cast list
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  • There are 12 actors credited as appearing in the principal cast of Hellblade 2
  • Melina Juergens and Steven Hartley reprise their roles from the first game

In the production of Hellblade 2, developer Ninja Theory has utilised plenty of motion capture to recreate the cast of voice actors in the game. In doing so, it’s created one of the best-looking games of the generation - something I praised heavily in my review of the game.

The first Hellblade had very few characters, but the cast remained remarkably strong nevertheless, with the protagonist of Senua shining through enough to earn herself a sequel.

There are a couple of returning faces in Ninja Theory’s sequel, and plenty of new additions to the cast, too. I’ve listed them all down below, in order of appearance.

Full Hellblade 2 principal voice cast

Actor Character
Melina Juergens Senua
Chris O'Reilly Thorgestr
Gudmundur Thorvaldsson Fargrimur
Aldis Amah Hamilton Astridr
Clive Wood Godi
Helen Goalen Furies
Abbi Greenland Furies
Chipo Chung Narrator
Steven Hartley Shadow
Nicholas Boulton Druth
Norah Lopez Holden The Hiddenfolk
Matt Mordak The Hiddenfolk

After rolling credits on the main story of Hellblade 2, there are a total of 12 voice actors credited in the principal cast. 

The two returning actors from the first game are Melina Juergens and Steven Hartley. Juergens plays the titular Senua and won countless awards for her performance in the first game. The most striking thing about her performance is that Juergens wasn’t a trained actor before taking on the role of Senua, instead drafted in at the last second from her previous role as a video editor at the studio.

Meanwhile, Hartley reprises his role as Shadow, the voice that speaks to Senua throughout the game. It’s unknown what Shadow's relationship is to Senua, but it's alluded that it's the voice of her father, tormenting her throughout her journey.

From the other actors on the list, you might recognise Paul Bullion from productions such as Netflix’s The Witcher, in which he played Lambert. He also appears in Peaky Blinders as Billy Kitchen. Meanwhile, Gudmundur Thorvaldsson has appeared in the show Fortitude, and Netflix’s comedy movie about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Hellblade 2 supporting cast

Hellblade 2 characters from the trailer
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  • Elizabeth Andrews
  • Kolbeinn Arnbjörnsson
  • Russ Bain
  • Emma Ballantine
  • Karolina 'Arunka' Baworowska
  • Jonas Birkisson
  • Gunnar Cauthery
  • Alexander Clifford
  • Elinor Coleman
  • Sébastien Croteau
  • Anna Demetriou
  • Mark Ebulue
  • Amanda Fairey
  • Kai Uwe Faust
  • Luci FishMichelle Fox
  • Hilmar Guöjönsson
  • Atli Gunnarsson
  • Boris Hiestand
  • Adam Howden
  • Claudia Hughes
  • Oddur Jüliusson
  • Philippe Langelier
  • Bryan Larkin
  • Jeffrey MacDermott
  • Justine Marriott
  • Naomi Mcdonald
  • David Menkin
  • Jess Nesling
  • Gareth O'Connor
  • Pétur Oskar Sigurdsson
  • Ellie Piercy
  • Boleslaw 'Ren Vas Terul' Rygiel
  • Edward Spence
  • Mikail Standjofski-Figols
  • Chelsea Strickland
  • Gudjon Porsteinn Palmarsson
  • Kari Viöarsson

Above is the extended list of the supporting cast in Hellblade 2. These actors aren't accredited to character names in the closing credits, but still contributed their performances to the game in one way or another.

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