Halo Infinite Valor: What Is It And All Valor Unlocks

Halo Infinite Valor: What Is It And All Valor Unlocks
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9th Dec 2021 10:22

Halo Infinite Valor is a representation of how much influence the UNSC and Master Chief have over Zeta Halo. The Chief is finally back in Halo Infinite, and is facing his most ravenous enemy yet - the Banished. The Banished are littered around the world, and much of the experience is spent capturing bases and aiding the existing UNSC forces on the ring to fight back against them. Doing so will earn you plenty of Valor, but what exactly is it, and what does it earn you? Read on for our guide on Halo Infinite Valor and find out. 

Halo Infinite Valor: What Is It?

Halo Infinite Valor FOB
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Essentially, Valor points quantify how much of Zeta Halo has been removed from the influence of the Banished during your time in Halo Infinite's campaign mode. Throughout the experience, there will be plenty of opportunities to earn Valor, both from just playing the game naturally or completing some of the extra objectives and missions available on your Tac Map.

One of the main ways to earn Halo Infinite Valor is by capturing Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) which are old UNSC outposts controlled by the Banished. They range in size and can feature dozens of enemies to kill or specific objectives like blowing up fuel depots. On the map, they're indicated by a red diamond symbol and will change to a blue circle with the UNSC logo once you complete the relevant FOB objectives and hack the main terminal inside.

Other ways to earn Valor include rescuing squads of UNSC troops who've been captured and locked up around the map, killing high-value Banished troops in assassination quests, and completing the main story missions. Once you pass certain thresholds of Halo Infinite Valor you'll earn specific rewards that can be found at the FOBs, but what are these?

Halo Infinite Valor Unlocks List

Halo Infinite Valor screen
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The more Valor you earn, the more powerful the gear you will unlock, ranging from your standard UNSC issue weaponry to more powerful variants, along with vehicles and equipment. They directly aid Chief in his fight against the Banished and will make your life easier as you move through the campaign. The breakdown of the Halo Infinite Valor rewards are listed below, with the unlock name and the amount of Valor required:

  • Mongoose - 0
  • MK50 Sidekick - 0
  • MA40 Assault Rifle - 400
  • Assault Marines (Assault Rifle) - 450
  • Razorback - 500
  • M9 Frag Grenade - 550
  • CQS48 Bulldog - 600
  • Breacher Marine (Bulldog) - 650
  • Warthog - 800
  • VK78 Commando - 900
  • Scout Marine (Commando) - 1000
  • BR75 Battle Rifle - 1100
  • Heavy Assault Marine (Battle Rifle) - 1200
  • Gungoose - 1400
  • S7 Sniper Rifle - 1500
  • Sniper Marine (Sniper Rifle) - 1600
  • M41 SPNKr - 1700
  • Demolition Marine (SPNKr) - 1800
  • Scorpion - 2000
  • MLRS-2 Hydra - 2100
  • Striker Sidekick (more damage) - 2200
  • Longshot Assault Rifle (tighter spread) - 2300
  • Convergence Bulldog (more ammo capacity, less spread) - 2400
  • Wasp - 2600
  • Impact Commando (more ammo capacity, range, and less accuracy) - 2700
  • Battle Rifle Breacher (more damage) - 2800
  • Flexfire Sniper (higher ammo capacity and fire rate) - 2900
  • Pursuit Hydra (faster target lock and rockets) - 3000
  • Rocket Hog - 3200

That's the rundown of Halo Infinite Valor, so you should be ready to head into the world of Zeta Halo and take on the Banished. If you're still unsure about the newest Halo, check our Halo Infinite campaign review to see if it's for you.


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