Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers Explained

Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers Explained
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14th Dec 2021 13:57

The Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers are a new collectible in the long-running series' latest entry. Thanks to the open-world formula in the newest Halo, there's a tonne of locations and collectibles to find, with one of them being Propaganda Towers belonging to the Banished. The new enemy like to be loud and in your face, but if you wanna fight back by breaking stuff and reducing their ability to spread messages, read on. Here's a guide on the Halo Infinite Propaganda towers, including what they are and how to break 'em.

Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers: What Are They?

Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers map
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The Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers are metal structures that can be found jutting out of the ground across the map. They're quite big and have a yellow glow radiating from the middle, so spotting them shouldn't be too difficult. As the name implies, they spew a constant barrage of Banished propaganda, which contains dialogue for lore, worldbuilding, and even some funny references. 

There's a total of 40 Propaganda Towers across the game, and are one of the bigger collectible lists to tick off. Destroying one will you ten Halo Infinite Valor as well, and is a great way to rank up your metre to get the best weapon variants. There are of course, achievements that go along with this task too, as taking out one tower will earn you the achievement Please Shut Up, and destroying all 40 will you net you Off The Air.

Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers: How To Destroy Them

Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers in-game
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As mentioned before, the middle of the Propaganda Towers glow yellow, and this is the key to destroying them. It acts like a fuse or energy source and powers the tower, so shutting it off happens to shut the Banished up. If you walk up to one and melee it twice, that will shut it down for good in a satisfying shower of sparks. Of course, if you want to save time and spot one for away, several rounds from a Battle Rifle or Commando Rifle will do the trick just fine.

That's our breakdown of the Halo Infinite Propaganda Towers, and now you can serve like a real Spartan and smash things the correct way.

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