Halo Infinite Player Count: How Many People Play Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Player Count: How Many People Play Halo Infinite
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Aaron Bayne


3rd Dec 2021 16:06

The Halo Infinite player count is a great indicator of just how well 343 Industries' return to the acclaimed shooter really is. Players were whipped up into a frenzy when Halo Infinite received a surprise early launch to mark the 20th anniversary of both Halo and Xbox. Yet now that we've had a bit of time to settle into a new Halo multiplayer once more, how are the numbers holding up? Here's everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite player count. 

Halo Infinite Player Count: Total And Concurrent

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Since the launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer there has been a fair degree of controversy surrounding the battle pass progression. So much so that 343 Industries added new XP buffs that make it far easier to progress through. We broke down the major changes in our Halo Infinite XP progression guide, if you are interested. 

However, that doesn't seem to have too much of an impact on the overall numbers of the game. According to Steam Database, the Halo Infinite player count reached an all-time peak of 272,586 players. Compare that to the Halo: Master Chief Collection which reportedly reached 161,024 at its peak, although those are rereleases of older games. Undoubtedly, Halo Infinite being a free-to-play multiplayer title has increased its player base since anyone on PC or Xbox can just download and jump right into a game. It's worth noting the Steam Database also only tracks players on PC playing through Steam; players on Xbox or playing through the Xbox app on PC aren't included in this total.

Today, the Halo Infinite player count sat at 107,792 player peak in the last 24-hours at the time of writing. Looking at the charts, you can see the numbers steadily declining, however that is only natural in the weeks following a major release. The player count may receive a slight boost once the full campaign is released.

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Halo Infinite Player Count: Twitch Viewership

The Halo Infinite Twitch numbers.
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The Halo Infinite player count may be doing well in the actual game, but what about over on Twitch? Oddly enough, Halo Infinite didn't manage to break the top ten most streamed games according to Twitch tracker. Instead it landed in 18th place, in-between the Music and Sports categories. It managed to average out with 28,170 viewers across the last week. However, considering that the multiplayer doesn't feature hero shooter elements or a battle royale-like mode, it shouldn't surprise us too much. Especially when you begin to consider that Halo Infinite Multiplayer is actually still in beta and only features a handful of short match modes. 

Halo Infinite Player Count: Will Infinite's Audience Stay?

Will the Halo Infinite player count remain for future updates?
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Whether the Halo Infinite player count will stay or not at this point is really up in the air. The community response to the multiplayer experience has been brilliant, but the issue will really lie in progression. While battle pass difficulty has been eased, the Heroes of Reach season will last all the way up until May 2, 2022. A short hour-long session each day will progress you one battle pass level, and that is if you don't complete any additional weekly challenges. It's safe to say a large portion of the Halo Infinite player count will be done and dusted with the battle pass long before the new season starts, and once that's complete there is no real progression-based reason to keep playing. 

The issues with progression will likely cause a major dipping and peaking issue of the Halo Infinite player count, with players flocking to the game when new content arrives, and leaving as soon as it has nothing to offer them. And while each week offers a new cosmetic, playing for hours to receive an elbow pad might not always be intriguing enough of an offer for some players. 

That's all we have on the Halo Infinite player count. If you are looking for additional reasons to play, why not jump into our Halo Infinite ranks guide where we break down everything there is to know about ranked levelling systems.


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