How Old Is Diona In Genshin Impact?

How Old Is Diona In Genshin Impact?
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16th Jun 2022 14:30

If you've ever wondered - how old is Diona is in Genshin Impact? Look no further. In Genshin Impact Diona is a four-star Cryo character who lives in the Mondstadt region and works as a bartender at the Cat’s Tail despite her aversion to alcohol. To learn more about Diona and how old she is meant to be in Genshin Impact, read on.

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Genshin Impact: Diona’s Age

Diona with cats, outside the Cat's Paw tavern in Mondstadt
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Diona is the bow-wielding daughter of Springvale hunter Draff, who you may have encountered during the Xiangling cooking quests. Sharing the same cat-like ears as her father, Diona is approximately 12 years old despite her job as a bartender suggesting otherwise. Fans have estimated her age based on her height, youthful character model, and through comparisons with the other young characters of the game, Klee and Qiqi.

Another factor for consideration is her tenuous relationship with her father who has issues with alcohol and her naive resolve to rid the world of alcohol by making customers intentionally bad drinks to put them off ordering again. Despite her resolve to do this, she is unable to make bad drinks due to receiving a blessing from a spring fairy at a young age.

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